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Mt. Rainier

Ed Salau attempts to reach the summit of Mt. Rainier a few years after his leg was amputated at, and then above, the knee.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Photo courtesy of Ed Salau
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In Iraq

Salau uses his prosthetic leg to his advantage in Iraq in 2009.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Photo courtesy of Ed Salau
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In the lab

Tianhong Dai at work in his lab testing UV-C light on mice.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Sulbha K Sharma/Harvard
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Killing bacteria

The cell inactivation curve in the image shows that UV-C is highly bactericidal, meaning capable of killing bacteria.
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Femur implant

Orthopedic surgery Profesesor Christopher T. Born hopes to infuse metal implants like this one in a patient's femur with drug-like characteristics that fight infections.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Image courtesy of Christopher T. Born
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Notch molecules

Notch molecules slow stem cell growth, enabling scientists to use them as building blocks to rebuild bone, cartilage, or tissue.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Image courtesy of Yufeng Dong
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Battlefield wound

Battlefield wounds can be especially messy, with multiple fractures and drug-resistant bacteria.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Photo courtesy of Airlift Research Foundation
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