Stupendous shots of a super supermoon

It's the closest the moon has been in several decades, and photographers around the world are capturing its majesty.

Eric Mack
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Eric Mack
1 of 24 NASA/Bill Ingalls

Supermoon behind a Soyuz rocket

The November supermoon is more like an extra-supermoon this time around. As of Monday morning, our satellite is closer to Earth than it's been at any point since 1948. The result is a moon that can appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than your average full moon.

Unsurprisingly, photographers lust after luscious shots of luna. This one comes from NASA with the supermoon rising behind a Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch pad in Kazakhstan. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos, and ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet will launch from the Cosmodrome on November 18 to spend six months at the International Space Station.

First published November 14, 1:08 p.m. PT.
Update, November 15 at 9:25 a.m. PT: Adds more amazing shots of the supermoon.

2 of 24 Chris Phutully

Skipping the supermoon

Photographer Chris Phutully snapped this single image near the Victoria Gardens shopping center in Melbourne Australia on November 14.

3 of 24 Flickr/Bob Nastasi

Drip, drip, drip

Photographer Bob Nastasi used some clever framing to capture the supermoon "dripping" on to a satellite dish in northern California.

4 of 24 Flickr/Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto

Supermoon over Quezon City

The supermoon shines a spotlight on Quezon City in the Philippines on November 14. (Credit: Flickr/Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto)

5 of 24 Flickr/ Steve Tocci

Backlit lighthouse

There was no need to fire up the lighthouse in this shot of Maine's Cape Neddick taken by photographer Steve Tocci.

6 of 24 Flickr / Chris Bridge

Simply super

Photographer Chris Bridge captured the supermoon overpowering a few clouds from Victora, Australia on November 14.

7 of 24 Flickr/Jim Gardepe

The red rise of a supermoon

This composite image of the supermoon rising over Huntsville Mountain near Huntsville, Alabama, shows the satellite taking on a little color at the beginning of its journey. The redness is due to smoke from wildfires in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Nantahala Wilderness, according to photographer Jim Gardepe.

8 of 24 Flickr / Mark Watmough

Spire eclipse

In a rare case of a man-made object eclipsing a supermoon, photographer Mark Watmough caught the satellite preparing to pass behind Toronto's CN Tower.

9 of 24 Flickr/Nikita Kashner

Supermoon down under

The supermoon seen rising over Perth, Australia, in a photo taken by Nikita Kashner.

10 of 24 NASA/Joel Kowsky

Loving Lincoln

The supermoon makes an appearance, but doesn't quite steal the show from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

11 of 24 Jason Wehbe

Among the birds

The supermoon rose over Sydney, Australia, on November 14 as birds and clouds also filled the sky. Photographer Jason Wehbe said he had to brave dive-bombing plover to get this shot.

12 of 24 NASA/Joel Kowsky

Backdrop for freedom

The November 14 supermoon lights up the Statue of Freedom atop the US Capitol Dome in Washington.

13 of 24 Flickr/Mal Booth


Even when hiding from view, the supermoon still makes an impact. This shot comes from photographer Mal Booth in Sydney, Australia.

14 of 24 NASA/Joel Kowsky

Virginia is for supermoon lovers

The supermoon plays peek-a-boo with the buildings of Arlington, Virginia, on November 14.

15 of 24 Alexandros Maragos/alexandrosmaragos.com

Supermoon triplets

Photographer Alexandros Maragos captured these three images in Greece. Aegean Airlines flight A3926 from Athens to Tel Aviv is shown crossing in front of the supermoon around sunset.

16 of 24 Flickr/Jeff Shields

Great northern supermoon

The supermoon makes its rise in a suburban environment in Canada on November 13. Photo by Jeff Shields/Flickr.

17 of 24 Jennifer Dudley / Flickr

Bridging the gap

The supermoon illuminates bikers and pedestrians on the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point, Australia, in this photo by Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson.

18 of 24 Flickr / Joseph j7uy5

Moon over the organs

The supermoon rises behind the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, New Mexico in this shot taken November 13 by Flickr user Joseph j7uy5.

19 of 24 NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

Supermoon and MLK Jr.

The November 14 supermoon acts as a night-light at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC.

20 of 24 Flickr/Harry de Haan

Air traffic

A plane looks to be aiming straight for the supermoon over Australia. Photographer Harry de Haan snapped this shot near Brisbane on November 14.

21 of 24 Flickr / Sharmishta Sarkar

Just reach out...

This picture of the supermoon from photographer Sharmishta Sarkar brings us almost close enough to touch it...almost.

22 of 24 Nathan B Niyomtham

Super companion

Photographer Nathan B Niyomtham took this shot of the supermoon sharing a moment with a human friend near Los Angeles.

23 of 24 Flickr/José Hudo Castañer

Island supermoon

The supermoon adds a little ambiance to this Puerto Rican beach on November 14. (Photo credit: Flickr/José Hudo Castañer)

24 of 24 Lego

Lego Luna

November's extra-supermoon even inspired some less well-rounded imitators. Lego shared this promotional shot of its tribute to our night companion on Monday.

If you've taken some particularly unique or outstanding shots of this historic supermoon, let me know via Twitter @EricCMack.

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