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Taking Stella for a spin

Andrew Günsberg

(Credit: Andrew Günsberg)

Photographer: Andrew Günsberg

Speciality: strobist technique, self-portraiture

Biography: Andrew Günsberg is one of Australia's most well-known TV and radio presenters. Currently the host of The Hot Hits Live from LA, a radio show broadcast live from Los Angeles each Sunday and heard on over 100 stations across Australia, he is also a correspondent for the 7pm Project.

Andrew has also hosted Australian Idol, presented at Channel [v] and was the voice of Take 40 Australia. He has narrated the Logie award winning documentary series Bondi Rescue and Recruits, as well as hosted Network Ten's New Years Eve broadcasts.

Despite all his media pursuits, Andrew is a passionate photographer and, when he has time, he DJs as well.

To check out what's in Andrew's kit and his approach to photography, watch our interview.

More of Andrew's work can be seen on his Flickr photostream. Andrew has selected images from his 365 Days project (where he took a self-portrait every day for a year) for our Exposure series.

Day 22

Alex was kind enough to let me use his beautiful 1965 Cadillac for today's photo.

What a machine. It's friggin' gorgeous. It's a hybrid, too; part tractor, part aeroplane. A 444 under the hood and way more fuel efficient than just pouring petrol on the ground.

Exposure: Canon 5D Mark II, 85mm, f/1.2

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Lending a helping Strobist hand to NASA

Day 49

Karla at NASA's Goldstone Deep Space Communications Centre said that she needed a hand with the Beam Waveguide Array tracking the Mars rovers today, so I stopped in to help her out.

Strobist set-up: Vivitar 285 HV at full power, Pocket Wizards, Hähnel Radio Trigger

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The United Colours of West LA

Day 37

Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles. I love that these flags fly together high above the street, yet for some reason gay marriage is against the law here.

Strobist set-up: Octadome NXT extra small, Canon 580EX flash at full power

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What really happens in commercial breaks

Day 78

In the commercial breaks on Idol we all work hard to keep the audience pumped, because they are such a massive part of the show.

I took this with about 40 seconds to go on the commercial break, and asked everyone to "do something you're not allowed to do on TV" in honour of Shirley Strachan, who I once saw do that at a Skyhooks show on the telly and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Strobist set-up: Canon 580EX II flash with a Westcott Softbox straight on the camera

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Day 128

Sometimes you just look up at the stars and think "?".

Tonight was one of those nights.

Strobist set-up: 580EX with snoot to the right on 1/64th, Lightsphere on the 580EX II high and on the left at 1/16th, triggered by Pocket Wizards II

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The Hot Hits, Live from LA Debuts!

Day 176

After years of planning, months of "no, we really can technically do this" and a whole lot of hustling from a whole lot of people — we went to air last night. Live from Los Angeles on a Saturday night, all around Australia. A huge team pulled it together, and last night we all made it happen.

Afterwards, we ate cake. And Vegan Burgers at Swingers. And Margaritas (only two though, I was tired).

Strobist set-up: 580EX II in front and left through Westcott softbox, bare 580EX behind to produce flare, MiniTT1 and Pocket Wizard IIs to trigger

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Radio at 3200 ISO

Day 217

I didn't have too much time to set lights up because I was busy making radio, but thankfully the Polaroid 110A with some Fuji 3000b helped that.

Exposure: triggered with an air release while chatting on the radio with Natalia.

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Sometimes, you just wanna be cosy

Day 222

Fourth day of Rainy Cold LA, mudslide warnings today, hail as well. Me? I'm in my bunny suit. I'm cosy. If I were the President of France, I'd be Nikolas Sarkozy.

Strobist set-up: 580EX II high and behind, snooted, Profoto Compact 300 behind me into the sheet, Profoto Compact 300 through Creative Light gridded strip-box, triggered with Pocket Wizard IIs and a Mini TT1 Transmitter

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Day 265

Lurking on the rooftops, watching over the city ... snuggling up to not catch a cold.

Strobist set-up: 580EX II through Octadome NXT and 1/4 CTO gel via TTL cord, camera triggered by Pocket Wizard II

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Mall's Balls

Day 323

In Adelaide's Rundle Mall, there lie the Mall's Balls. It's where everyone meets. "Meet ya at the Mall's Balls."

Strobist set-up: 580EX II through Westcott Mini Softbox and a TTL Cord, shutter triggered by Pocket Wizard II

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Pssst, that's Russell Brand over there

Day 323

Normally when I do press interviews, it involves sitting in cramped hotel hallways, waiting quietly for a chance to have three minutes with the actors. Today was very different! The Russell Brand movie Get Him to the Greek is set at LA's iconic Greek Theatre. Think Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night" and you're here.

Strobist set-up: 580EX II at full power to battle the direct overhead sunlight, and a Westcott Softbox to cut it up a bit, self-timer

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