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Activists emerge at Grand Central

Activists Sarah Ryan and Shelby Knox, dressed as an "ethical iPhone" show up at Grand Central Terminal to hand-deliver the petition.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

The media frenzy

The activists make their way up the steps to the Grand Central Apple store amid a crowd of journalists, photographers, and cameramen.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Delivering the petitions member Sarah Ryan hand-delivers a box filled with signatures to an Apple employee at the Grand Central Terminal store in Manhattan.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Getting face time with the press

Activists surrounded by their individual press huddles at foot of the steps to the Grand Central Apple store.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Monologist discusses the plight of Chinese workers

Monologist Mike Daisey talks about the need to apply pressure on Apple to change outside the Grand Central Apple store. Daisey wrote the monologue, "The Agony and the Ecstacy of Steve Jobs" and often talks about his experiences in China.

Editor's note, March 19, 2012: "This American Life" announced late last week that it's retracting a story it did recently about working conditions at Foxconn that included an interview with Mike Daisey as well as an excerpt from his monologue "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs." It said it was doing so because of "numerous fabrications" it found. CNET's Josh Lowensohn has the details in this story. Daisey's own statement is on his Web site. A recent investigative report by The New York Times looked at working conditions in Apple's supply chain in China.

Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Taking ethical iPhone plea to another level

Activist and Director Shelby Knox dressed as an "ethical iPhone" and interviewed at Grand Central Terminal.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

A light crowd

The event drew few activists--a little more than a dozen showed up to Grand Central. In fact, there were much more media at the store.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET


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