Electrolux promises luxury with the Wave-Touch French door fridge (pictures)

This high-end refrigerator offers high-end cooling. Does it deliver?

Ry Crist
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Electrolux Wave-Touch French Door Refrigerator

Electrolux sells several French door refrigerators, and this "Wave-Touch" model is one of the fanciest. Click through to see what it is -- and isn't -- capable of.

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Wave hello to touch controls

Those "Wave-Touch" controls aren't quite as fancy as they sound. Really, it's just a simple touchscreen with options that fade away when not in use.

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Inside, you'll find 19 cubic feet of storage space in the body of the fridge, with another 8.8 cubic feet allocated to the freezer.

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Ice maker

The ice maker sits in the top corner of the fridge, eating up some of your storage space.

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'Luxury' shelving

Each "Luxury-Design Shelf" is a single tray made of curved glass. This makes them excellent at containing spills. Electrolux also claims you can pull them out and use them as serving trays at your next party.

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Luxury drawers, too

Electrolux calls its crisper bins "Luxury-Close Drawers." You'll feel a little resistance about an inch or so before it's fully shut. Let go, and it'll softly finish shutting itself. That makes the things almost impossible to slam shut, but you'll need a little extra oomph to pull them open.

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Perfect Temp Drawer

There's a third Luxury-Close Drawer beneath the crisper bins that runs the width of the fridge.

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Temperature presets

You'll find distinct temperature controls for this drawer, along with a number of ingredient-specific presets.

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Tilt-out shelving

Mini-shelves at the bottom of each door tilt out for easier access. That makes them a great spot for kid-friendly snacks.

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Ice maker No. 2

Down in the freezer, you'll find a second ice maker.

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Soft Serve Drawer

You'll also find a special "Soft Serve Drawer" that's designed to run a few degrees warmer than the rest of the freezer. That makes it an ideal spot for things like ice cream that you want to keep frozen, but not too frozen.

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Lots of orange...

Let's move onto performance. Here are the average temperatures of each compartment from a 72-hour test at 37 degrees F. As you can see by all of that orange, things ran very warm throughout the majority of the fridge.

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Here are the minute-by-minute results from that same test. Too many regions spent too much time above 40 degrees F for us to feel good about the results.

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The butter bin that wasn't

That bright green line at the top of that last graph was this shelf at the top of the right door. It's the hottest spot in the fridge by far, and that's by design -- it's a common place for butter. The problem is that Electrolux didn't make it a distinct butter bin with a lid. Instead, it's just another shelf, and one that looks like a tempting nesting spot for a carton of eggs. That's not good, given that the shelf averaged over 50 degrees in our test.

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Cooling things down

We also test each fridge at 33 degrees. This obviously helped with some of those hot spots, but it's a far less efficient option than running the fridge at 37.

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Freezer performance

Overall, the freezer did a much better job than the fridge, holding steady temperatures and keeping defrosts down to five degrees or less. The Soft Serve Drawer worked well, too, keeping things consistent at a slightly warmer temperature.

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Price point

The Electrolux Wave-Touch fridge sells for $3,350, putting it squarely on the premium side of things. Does it offer enough to compete with the top models from its competitors? Check out our full review for the full verdict.

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