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Electrolux EI30EF35JS

The $1,549 Electrolux EI30EF35JS electric range delivers consistent performance, but its cluttered "IQ Touch" display panel wasn't easy to navigate.

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Frigidaire Gallery

The $899 Frigidaire Gallery range costs $100 more than the GE JB650SFSS, but it offers roughly the same performance, design, features and usability.

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Frigidaire FPEF3077QF

At $1,599, Frigidaire's FPEF3077QF is an alright oven, but were weren't impressed by its cooktop.

We were particularly perplexed by the two 1,800W bridged burners that cycle on and off at different times and cause inconsistent griddle results.

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GE Artistry

GE's $600 Artistry electric range stuns with retro-inspired design.

However, it's a pretty basic range with no convection mode or built-in timer.

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The GE JB650SFSS retails for $800.

It doesn't have a convection mode or any advanced features, but it can tackle the basics.

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GE's PHS920SFSS costs $3,200.

This induction range features five burners ranging from a "warming zone" up to a 3,700W "power boil" burner.

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Kenmore Elite 41313

The $2,600 Kenmore Elite is a free-standing electric range.

It has a small 4.6-cubic-foot oven, but a very powerful 3,200W burner.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

KitchenAid KERS303BSS

At $1,349, KitchenAid's KERS303BSS is a midprice range that cooks slower than the competition. That's not a great result when you want your food to finish within an expected time frame.

Published:Caption:Photo:Colin West McDonald/CNET


The LG LRE3021ST costs $800.

That isn't a lot when you consider that one range we reviewed retails for $3,699, but you can still find less expensive models that do about the same thing as the LRE3021ST.

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LG's $1,400 LRE3027ST has a large 6.3-cubic-foot capacity oven, but its app-enabled Smart ThinQ features were incredibly difficult to set up and use.

Published:Caption:Photo:Colin West McDonald/CNET
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Maytag MET8720DS

The Maytag MET8720DS will set you back $1,599.

It comes with two separate ovens, a 2.5-cubic-foot top oven and a 4.2-cubic-foot bottom oven.

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Samsung NE58H9970WS

Samsung's $3,699 induction range features a four-burner cooktop with integrated LED design elements.

It also comes with an intuitive touchscreen and a Flex Duo oven divider.

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Samsung NE59J7850WS

The $1,899 electric Samsung NE59J7850WS also comes with a Flex Duo accessory.

But this model has a hidden lever that lets you open just the top oven door so the food cooking in the bottom oven isn't disturbed.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung NE58F9710WS

The $2,299 Samsung NE58F9710WS is the third Flex Duo model we've reviewed.

While it shares similar design elements with the $3,699 Samsung NE58H9970WS induction range, it's an electric-only model with significantly slower boil times.

Published:Caption:Photo:Colin West McDonald/CNET

Whirlpool WFE720H0AS

Whirlpool's WFE720H0AS costs $1,249.

That's a little steep considering that it doesn't come with any special features.

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