Eerie photos of abandoned malls, big-box and chain stores

Where have all the patrons gone?

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Unwanted furniture lays outside a vacant Kmart store.

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Levitz Furniture

This furniture store surrendered back in 2009.

Sears Closing Final
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Empty first floor

Here's the first floor of a doomed Sears a few days before it closed in 2017.

Toys-R-US To Close Over 150 Stores Nationwide
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Bye-bye Babies 'R' Us

Here's the barren parking lot at a Babies "R" Us store slated to close in 2018. 

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Virgin Megastore

This Virgin store in Paris closed its doors in 2013.

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The empty shelves of this closed Pathmark store are the definition of ominous.

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Where'd you leave your car?

An empty parking lot is seen at White Flint Mall in Maryland. The mall died in 2015.

last Sears stores in Canada to close sunday
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Sole employees

This was all that was left of a Canadian Sears before it recently closed.

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Blockbuster Video

Nothing left to rent in this abandoned Blockbuster store.

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Circuit City

After closing in 2008, the parking lot is the only part of this Circuit City store still being used.

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The aisles of this closed Kmart are all but barren.

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This display is only half the mannequin it used to be at this abandoned Sears store. Maybe its other half is busy picking up a Kenmore or a Frigidaire?

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Tower Records

Well-known media retailer Tower Records closed its doors in Long Beach in 2007. The storefront looks innocent enough. But inside...

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Tower Records

The record store is a shell of what it once was.

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A Target in Canada is devoid of customers -- and Oster toaster ovens, and Vitamix blenders -- after closing in 2015.

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Nothing of value is left inside this closed Winn-Dixie store.

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Racks upon racks stand empty at a closed Kmart store.

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Best Buy

This Chicago Best Buy was one of about 50 locations that shut down in 2012.

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JC Penney

This particular location closed its doors in spring of 2015. As of October 2016, this space remains empty in a mall in Quincy, Illinois.

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A Bangkok shopping mall

If one store isn't sad enough, this derelict shopping mall should do the trick.

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This Woolworths in England has little left to offer.

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Borders filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and closed all of its locations over the next few years.

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Future Shop

Canadian retailer Future Shop closed several stores abruptly in 2013.

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No, it's not technically a big box store. But it's a sad sight nonetheless.

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Who has ever seen a Lowe's so empty?

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This empty interior was once the liquor department of a former Albertsons grocery store.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

If you look closely enough at where the sign used to be, you can see this was once a Bed Bath & Beyond in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Big K

Here lies a former Big K store. Rumor has it Costco planned to open a grocery store in this Washington location, but scrapped the idea, so the building remains vacant.

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Home Depot

What was once a Home Depot is now an empty building.

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Office Depot

This Office Depot operated in Pleasant Hill, California, from 2005 to 2016 and is rumored for rebirth as a Total Wine store.

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This abandoned Sears was found in St. Bernard parish in New Orleans.

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Sports Authority

Looks like this Sports Authority at the West Valley Mall in Tracy, California, lost the game pretty hard.

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This abandoned Walgreen's looks awfully lonely.

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This eerie facade once greeted customers to this former Lowe's location.

Alexandria, Virginia Mall Closes After 52 Years
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No more Macy's

Here's the ghost of a Macy's store in 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Closed Retail Store
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Closed mystery store

Here's a mystery store that closed in Dublin, California in 2018. 

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Lonely mannequins

Empty shopping racks and mannequins being sold at discount prices are displayed at the soon-to-be-closed JCPenney in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Thousands Of Malls Across U.S. Threatened As Retail Stores Pull Out
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Remember Deb?

A shuttered Deb store at a doomed Pennsylvania mall.

Thousands Of Malls Across U.S. Threatened As Retail Stores Pull Out
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Taking up residence in a dying mall

A lone homeless man is one of the few people at the Schuylkill Mall in Pennsylvania ahead of its closing in 2017. 

Thousands Of Malls Across U.S. Threatened As Retail Stores Pull Out
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How long have those gumballs been in there?!

The gumballs are the only residents left at the doomed Schuylkill Mall in 2017.

The Linens-N-Things store in the Corona Hills Plaza in Corona is empty now, another victim of the e
41 of 41 Mark Boster

Lonely Linens-N-Things

A shuttered Linens-N-Things store Corona, California.

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