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Green scene

The Samsung Evergreen looks like kin to many of AT&T's quick messaging phone, but this one has an Earth-friendly edge. It's built with 70 percent post-consumer recycled materials, and the reduced packaging is also recycled and printed with soy ink.

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Spacious but not wide

We like a roomy keyboard on our phones, and the Evergreen provides one that's spacious without being uncomfortably wide. The keys are nice and responsive.

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Soft keys

We also like the natural placement of the tall soft keys while in landscape mode.

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Back talk

The Evergreen's black body is on the plasticky side, which gives it a less-than-premium feel.

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Convenience key

The Evergreen has an interesting convenience key on the other side of the camera shutter button. Press it to cycle through and launch a selection of apps.

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