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HandStand recycled iPad cover

By some measures, as many as a billion people are expected to observe Earth Day today, sending a message that they care about the environment. Of course, for some, this will be the ecological equivalent of making an annual appearance in church on Easter Sunday (which is also coming up in case you hadn't noticed) and dropping a big bill in the offering to make up for your last 51 straight unexcused absences.

Fortunately, if you're looking to pay your way out of your eco-guilt for slacking on the recycling this year, we've rounded up this gallery of environmentally friendly gadgets and accessories for Earth Day XLI--they're kinda like buying carbon offsets...that come with cool free schwag.

This HandStand 2, for example, should be kept far away from all iPad addicts currently in recovery. For everyone else, it's a dream come true--literally making your iPad 2 an extension of one of your appendages, Inspector Gadget-style. Strap this ergonomic, 360-degree rotating iPad case on your hand without burdening your conscience, thanks to the knowledge that it's made in the U.S. with 100 percent recycled plastics and resins. Get it here for $49.95.

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Wet Circuits water-proof, energy-efficient power strip

When the folks at Wet Circuits set out to make the safest power strip imaginable--one that repels water and doesn't pull current unless the plug is 100 percent inserted--they also made a super-green power station that eliminates wasted "vampire power" leaking through open sockets. Check out this video for some insight on the product and on what it takes to be a model in Taiwan.

You can buy the power strip here for $70.

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Solar-powered portable battery and charger

Slap it on a windshield or anywhere else the sun strikes until it's fully charged and Scosche claims this small, affordable unit, the solBAT II, can recharge your cell or other device up to full twice, and at the same rate as a wall charger. Connection is via USB and the included suction cups mean you'll finally have a reason to use your car's moonroof. You can buy it here for $34.99.
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Green screens (and more)

We haven't yet figured out how to make a flat-screen solely from compost and recycled tires, but until that day there are programs like EPEAT, a registry for greener electronics that rates products via a rigorous, comprehensive, and objective process. If you can manage to navigate their dense Web site, you'll find a number of laptops, desktops, and monitors--like this 23-incher from AOC--that have earned the highest-possible gold rating.
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Charge it with elbow grease and the YoGen

When all else fails--the sun doesn't shine, the wind doesn't blow, or the used fry oil doesn't flow, you just might have to put your back in to it. The YoGen could be the ultimate power backup--just pull the handle to charge. Who said the apocalypse means everything has to stop working? Buy it here for $49.99.
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