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Sausages. The MP3 codec. Germans. These things we all know come from Germany. But here's one you might not recall: Teufel. It's a loudspeaker manufacturer from the Federal Republic, and it just launched its first pair of headphones. We entertained Teufel one afternoon recently, and it gave us a pair to test.

The AC 9050 PH headphones (Oh stoppen die sexy sprechen, Teufel!) cost €69 (£60), but sing like a much more costly pair. Looking at their photos, you'll notice they're very Teutonic in design. But not in a modern way like Sennheiser, but rather a classic German: industrial, meaty, solid.

We're not fond of the design particularly, but only in terms of looks -- they're superbly built, and would certainly survive a züchtigung from the fist of an angry Brit. We're yet to put them through the Rory test (give them to Mr Reid, see if they survive 24 hours in his 'care'), but we're confident they'd survive.

But the fun comes when you place them on your kopf. The 9050s sound terrific for a £60 pair of headphones. Their blanketed high-end won't appeal to classical music fans, but they've got a powerful bass and mid-range, so rock, pop and vocals pound furiously.

Considering the solid build and excellent sound quality, the £60 asking price is admirable. They're not winning awards for looks or long-term wearing comfort, but for sheer value and performance they get an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

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They may look bendy in this photo, but they're a solid pair of cans.

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Atop the head of Mr Ian "I review TVs for CNET UK" Morris: the Teufel headphones.

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