Omniscient Siri is an iPhone case, too

The Omniscient Siri creation by SaGa Design is a top winner in a Shapeways contest aimed at imagining what Siri looks like. The face trying to escape from the iPhone is available as a 3D-printed object from Shapeways for $90. It doubles as an iPhone case that's either extremely cool or extremely scary, depending on your viewpoint.
Photo by: SaGa Design/Shapeways / Caption by:

Siri as personal assistant

Eddie Adolf's punkish design of Siri as a personal assistant with some attitude and a spectacular haircut is one of two top winners in Shapeways' Siri contest. Adolf envisions Siri sitting at a curved desk, taking questions via headset.
Photo by: Eddie Adolf/Shapeways / Caption by:

Siri as a smart apple

This Siri contest entry from @InsaneGalvatron skips the idea of Siri as having a human shape. Instead, the designer focuses on Apple, with a creation that shows a glowing red light of intelligence gleaming from within a chrome piece of fruit. The design is an honorable mention in Shapeways' contest.
Photo by: @InsaneGalvatron/Shapeways / Caption by:

Siri as a superhero

Where are the pants? This Shapeways Siri contest entry from @epicture gives Siri form as a scantily clad superhero, coming to save the day with directions to the closest coffee shop for your afternoon caffeine fix.
Photo by: @epicture/Shapeways / Caption by:

Stressed-out Siri

Christia Fung's whimsical take imagines Siri as a big-headed robot that's tired of taking your questions. The robot got an honorable mention in Shapeways contest to imagine Siri taken form.
Photo by: Christia Fung/Shapeways / Caption by:

Siri bust with a Pan Am-style cap

The Siri bust by Edrice imagines Siri as a old-style flight attendant sporting a headset for taking your questions and iPhone commands. The bust is available as a 3D model from Shapeways starting at $41.32 for a glazed ceramic version.
Photo by: Edrice/Shapeways / Caption by:
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