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Billions of bytes are currently swarming into the capacious fortress of Corsair's new 128GB Voyager GT flash drive. It's the largest, fastest and most exciting flash drive we've been sent yet, and it'll cost you about £300.

Described by one of its reps as an "aspirational product", Corsair knows this is a disk aimed at enthusiasts only. But if you frequently need to write a gigabyte of data to a flash disk in 47 seconds flat, listen up.

The Voyager GT obliterated Corsair's 64GB Voyager drive in benchmarks. It achieved a maximum sustained write speed of 26MBps and sustained read speeds of just under 39MBps. Compare this to the 64GB Corsair Voyager's 8MBps for writing, 27MBps for reading, and you'll begin to understand why this model pushed our right eyebrow up to its highest position to date.

It's a solid, rubbery drive, and will easily survive a fall. But it's bordering on the size of an iPod nano. At this size, and at this cost, you have to wonder whether you'd be better off with a portable hard disk. But for those who want flash, it's the biggest, baddest and -- most importantly -- fastest piece of USB-driven solid-state storage technology we've ever tested.

It'll be available in the next few weeks for around £300. Any questions are welcome in the comments or forums. Some extra photos are over the page.

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The 128GB Voyager GT next to a standard SD card.

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Compared here to Kingston's 256GB DataTraveler 300 and an iPhone 3G.

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