The coolest, geekiest backpacks

Got a basic backpack? It's time for an upgrade.

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1 of 16 AMPL Labs

Got a basic bag? It’s time for an upgrade.

Backpacks aren't just for Trapper Keepers anymore (though if you still have one, respect). For backpacks that not only hold your devices but charge them, back them up and more, read on.

2 of 16 Co-Alition

The backpack that can hold anything

These Co-Alition backpacks are not only fully customizable, but also come complete with their own hard drive. Choose from two base styles, the Colfax or the slightly smaller Federal, and build from there. Keep absolutely everything right on your back like a tech-savvy turtle.

3 of 16 Thisisground

The backpack that keeps you connected

Does the coffee shop you're headed to have free Wi-Fi? Better question: Who cares? With this Wi-Fi equipped backpack from Thisisground, you are your own hotspot. Plus, every bag is equipped with a Tile tracker, so you couldn't lose your goods if you tried.

4 of 16 North Face

The backpack that's spring-loaded

The North Face Access Pack's patent-pending springs place your devices in your hands in no time flat. It also adjusts for comfort to accommodate you whether you're walking or riding.

5 of 16 Birksun

The backpack that harnesses the power of the sun

Not keen on charging your backpack every night? No problem. With the Birksun Solar charging backpack, there are no plugs necessary. It uses power from the sun's rays to charge all of your devices while you soak up that vitamin D.

6 of 16 Diis

The backpack that goes both ways

It's the age-old dilemma: One strap or two? With the Manta backpack, you can have it both ways.

7 of 16 Soot

The backpack that multiplies

The Soot Electropack can be worn as one large bag or separated into a backpack and smaller messenger bag. Together or apart, each bag has the same charging capabilities thanks to aluminum alloy-enclosed Soot batteries. Divide and conquer.

8 of 16 AMPL Labs

The backpack that keeps you charged up

Plug this bag in at night and allow it to charge your devices all day. The AMPL Labs backpack charges up to three devices at once. It also comes with its own app to monitor charge levels, because, obviously. It's not for sale quite yet, but you can sign up for the latest on when these babies ship.

9 of 16 Solid Gray

The backpack that's a work of art

There are fancy backpacks. And then there's this. They say form follows function. But this backpack from Solid Gray follows no one. It leads. Style icons, sign up here.

10 of 16 David Morcombe, Ultra-Sil

The backpack that fits on your keychain

No, it doesn't charge your devices. But it will get out of your way in a hurry. The durable, water resistant Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack is perfect for anyone who doesn't like to go through life with a lot of baggage.

11 of 16 Bluelounge

The backpack for when you need a little more

Roll up with this backpack and prove you know how to get the most out of life. The Bluelounge backpack has a roll top, which means yes, you CAN fit in a bit extra. This backpack even comes in two sizes to fit your preferred laptop (and then some).

12 of 16 Hyperlite Mountain Gear

The backpack that's light as a feather

If the last thing you need is a backpack that's going to weigh you down, check out the Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack. Weighing 0.42 pound, it's so light you might forget you're wearing it. Sure, it's made for hiking adventurers, but cycling through a metropolitan city can be adventure enough.

13 of 16 Herschel

The backpack that wrangles your wires with ease

Herschel -- a renowned bag brand, to say the least -- has a wealth of backpack options. Many of them come with what they've coined "Media Pockets." These handy sacks within sacks allow you to place your smartphone or music player in, and then weave your earbuds through the bag and right into your ears.

14 of 16 Incase

The upgraded classic backpack

Incase has a variety of backpacks that you can select based on what you need to tote. Too many options to choose from? A favorite of business and creative pros alike is the Action Cam Pro Pack pictures here on the left. Their rising star is the new Icon Pack, pictured on the right.

15 of 16 Pelican

A backpack with Pelican-level protection

You know the Pelican brand, so you can rest assured this backpack can take pretty much anything you throw at it. These bags are crushproof and waterproof, keeping all of your tech safe inside.

16 of 16 Aer

The backpack that works and works out

The Duffel Pack by Aer is the ultimate work-to-gym backpack. It's centered zipper design allows you to get to everything inside with ease, while the separate, ventilated shoe pocket keeps your work stuff from getting smelly. Your smart devices can be stored in the side pocket for quick access, so you can work, jam and lift, bro.

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