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Comic-Con: Cool gear and collectibles you can get without heading to SDCC

Can't get to San Diego Comic-Con 2019? No worries, fam, we got you.

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MCM London Comic Con 2018
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Here's great San Diego Comic-Con-quality merch you can get without leaving home

Even if you can't attend this year's San Diego Comic-Con from July 18-21, you can still pick up (or just browse!) a lot of really cool collectibles -- and plenty of convention-exclusives -- right here on the internet.

Here are 40 of our favorite convention-quality buys.

2 of 41 Seven20 via Amazon

The perfect hammer for a Norse carnivore

Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of tenderization.

3 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

The most powerful gauntlet in the universe

This replica Power Gauntlet, part of the high-end Marvel Legends series of collectibles, is slated for release on Oct. 31. But you can preorder it on Amazon today.

Cauldron of Stars at the Galaxy Center.Elements of this image furnished by NASA
4 of 41 Rubie's/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Jabba the Hutt's favorite treasure, ready for your living room

This may be the ultimate (read: pricey) Empire Strikes Back collectible: Your very own 7-foot-tall carbonite Solo with light-up base, limited-edition plaque and certificate of authenticity.

5 of 41 Red Plume via Amazon

The perfect workout shirt for your summer of swole

Channel the energy of Captain America every time you're at the gym with this long-sleeve compression shirt fit for the first Avenger.

6 of 41 SHDZKJ via Amazon

This cute little Pokemon/Marvel crossover keyring

This Deadpool-esque version of Pikachu is just too cute.

7 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

This amulet that gives you all the time in the world

This replica of the Eye of Agamotto (Doctor Strange) is made with faux leather straps and measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches high by 1 inch deep.

8 of 41 NECA via Amazon

The perfect TMNT figurines for a '90s kid

You watched the Saturday morning cartoon. You saw the movies. But let's face it -- none of that compared to the thrill of playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game with your last few quarters.

These SDCC 2016 exclusive action figures were inspired by that classic game.

9 of 41 NECA via Amazon

The perfect bad guys for your perfect TMNT figurines

You can also pick up this set of four game-inspired Foot Clan baddies, including the turtle-hungry Shredder.

10 of 41 The Cosplay Company via Amazon

This lycra spandex body suit that turns you into a webslinger

Some people (*cough* Peter Parker *cough cough*) need to rely on Tony Stark for Spider-Man suit handouts. You, meanwhile, can simply pick up this spandex number on Amazon.

11 of 41 Royal Bobbles via Amazon

This happy little bobblehead right here

This Bob Ross bobblehead, a 2018 SDCC exclusive, measures just over 10 inches tall.

12 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

This shield fit for Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson ... and you

This cosplay-quality piece from the Marvel Legends collection measures 24 inches in diameter and has two adjustable straps.

13 of 41 Funko via Amazon

Boom! Big reveal! It's a pickle! What do you think about that?

It's Pickle Rick!

14 of 41 Batman Returns via Amazon

This Penguin Commando only listens to Danny DeVito

Is this Batman Returns penguin commando the cutest Batman baddie ever? Yup.

15 of 41 Diamond Select Toys via Amazon

This supernatural pizza cutter

An uncut pizza 🎵
Sitting in a box 🎶
Who you gonna call?
Why, this Ghostbusters pizza cutter from SDCC 2015, of course.

16 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

This surprisingly faithful Iron Man helmet

If you really want to nail that Tony Stark cosplay, you'll need some armor. This gorgeous piece from the Marvel Legends collection features a magnetized faceplate and light-up eyes.

17 of 41 Gmasking via Amazon

This serious Iron Man cosplay accessory

Without a doubt, this ABS plastic Iron Man gauntlet is expensive. But with fully movable joints, an LED light and more, it's about as cool (and legit) as Iron Man cosplay accessories get.

18 of 41 Bandai via Amazon

This ridiculously badass Goku figurine

This Figuarts/Bandai Goku figurine, a 2017 SDCC exclusive, is so darn cool you'll want to pull him out of his collector's box. (But try to resist the temptation!)

19 of 41 DC Comics via Amazon

This ring fit for the fastest fingers on Earth

This sweet piece of stainless steel jewelry comes in its own gift box. And if you're not a fan of The Flash, no worries -- there are versions with the Superman, Batman and Green Lantern logos as well.

20 of 41 Funko via Amazon

This shiny orange bat dude

This (shiny) Dark Knight Funko, a 2018 New York Comic-Con exclusive, can still be picked up on Amazon via resellers.

21 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

The best-looking helmet in any galaxy

He kinda blew it in Avengers: Infinity War, but we just can't stay mad at Peter Quill. This adjustable Star-Lord helm actually includes built-in speakers and music detection via Bluetooth wireless (AA batteries not included).

22 of 41 Funko via Amazon

This golden Spider-Man Funko Pop!

Nothing screams collectible quite like a Funko Pop! with an unusual chromed finish. But this one, from the Marvel Studios 10 line, is actually quite affordable!

23 of 41 CXU via Amazon

All seven Dragon balls collected and ready for your wish

Before using these seven dragon balls, remember the rules: You can't wish for the same thing twice, you can't revive someone who died of natural causes, and you can't go wishing for more wishes.

24 of 41 Alien via Amazon

This precious bundle of Alien baby joy

This latex foam, life-size replica Alien egg prop (nearly 36 inches tall) has articulated flaps and lights up with 3 AAA batteries. It even comes with its own facehugger.

25 of 41 EPIC Goods via Amazon

This gauntlet, ready to open an infinite number of beers

This smaller, resin version of the Infinity Gauntlet may not be able to control time and space, but it can pop open your next brew.

26 of 41 SUATMM via Amazon

This flag that shows your true allegiance 💀

To be fair, the baddies in Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a little bit more tact in admitting their allegiance than to show off a 3-foot by 5-foot Hydra flag like this...

27 of 41 Hasbro via Amazon

The ultimate collectors set for Thor fans

These 6-inch Battle for Asgard action figures from Hasbro were a San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive.

28 of 41 Premium Leather Garments via Amazon

This faux leather cosplay jacket

Pair this synthetic leather jacket with the Star-Lord helm you saw earlier and you've got an amazing Comic-Con-ready cosplay look.

29 of 41 DC Comics via Amazon

This highly collectible Batman from Comic-Cons gone by

This black and white Batman action figure, based on the artwork of DC Comics legend Jim Lee, was a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Fortunately, you can find resellers on Amazon.

30 of 41 Gmasking via Amazon

This stunning replica of Stormbreaker

This 1:1 replica of Thor's Stormbreaker is made of hard PVC, not metal, so it's con-safe.

31 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

The perfect Marvel box set for young readers

This tenth-anniversary collection aimed at middle schoolers includes 12 illustrated paperback novels retelling the three phases of the MCU.

32 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

The most powerful coffee cup in the universe

With this Avengers: Endgame-inspired mug in hand, you'll rule the office for sure.

33 of 41 DC Comic via Amazon

This super rubber ducky

Keep this cute little Superman rubber ducky handy just in case Lex Luthor ever tries to pull something during bath time.

34 of 41 Funko via Amazon

This furry green Funko that kinda stinks

Yeah, this Swamp Thing Funko Pop literally stinks -- one Amazon reviewer says it smells "kinda like Christmas time."

35 of 41 Marvel Studios via Amazon

This full set of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 on Blu-ray

Remember the good ol' days of the MCU, back before Thanos snapped everyone away? This six-movie collectible MCU box set lets you relive them any time you want.

36 of 41 Clayton Online Sales via Amazon

This pin that'll make you S.H.I.E.L.D.'s public enemy No. 1

Tired of whispering "Hail Hydra" into the ear of every stranger you meet? Let this lapel pin do the talking for you instead.

37 of 41 DC Comics via Amazon

This epic bust of a dark knight

This 1:2 poly-resin Rebirth cowl, sculpted by Alejandro Pereira, is the first in a series of collectible Batman cowls from DC Comics.

38 of 41 Marvel via Amazon

This cosplay-perfect Black Panther mask

Wakanda forever! This Black Panther mask, another gem from the Marvel Legends series, lights up when you insert three AA batteries (not included).

39 of 41 Funko via Amazon

This Star Wars convention exclusive Pop!

Here's another rare Funko Pop! that you can only find at conventions (and on Amazon after the fact): a 6-inch holographic Supreme Leader Snoke from The Force Awakens.

40 of 41 Harry Potter via Amazon

This set of collectible keychains from the world of Hogwarts

This five-piece set of Harry Potter keychains was a 2017 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

41 of 41 Lego via Amazon

This elaborate, discontinued R2-D2 Lego set

The front panels of this 2,127-piece Lego R2-D2 open to reveal a computer interface arm and circular saw.

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