Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists: See nature at its silliest

Smile alongside comical photos of mirthful monkeys, photobombing giraffes and rollicking raccoons.


Amanda Kooser

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1 of 22 Arthur Telle Thiemann/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Smiling fish

The 2020 edition of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards delivered 44 finalist images filled with fish and furry critters at their funniest. These are some of the highlights from the highly entertaining competition.

This happy-looking fish put in an appearance near the Canary Islands.

2 of 22 Ayala Fishaimer/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

A fox and a rodent

Photographer Ayala Fishaimer titled this one "Tough negotiations."

3 of 22 Brigitte Alcalay Marcon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Photobombing giraffe

Two giraffes enter. One enters sideways.

4 of 22 Charlie Davidson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Wave your legs in the air

This raccoon is in an awkward position.

5 of 22 Christina Holfelder/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Penguin puke

The last penguin in line isn't feeling so hot.

6 of 22 Danielle D'Ermo/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Tern working its wings

This tern looks like it's doing its nails.

7 of 22 Eric Fisher/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Oh hey there

A wet bear gives a wave.

8 of 22 Esa Ringborn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Not hiding

This bear might think it's daintier than it really is.

9 of 22 Femke van Willigen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Amused squirrel


10 of 22 Gail Bisson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Woke up like this

An egret shows off its wild plumage.

11 of 22 Krisztina Scheef/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Someone is hogging fish

These puffins in Scotland aren't sharing very well.

12 of 22 Kunal Gupta/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Aw elephants

A cute baby elephant in India tags along with mom.

13 of 22 Luis Burgeuno/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Elephant seal conversation

Elephant seals are always fun to look at.

14 of 22 Mark Fitzpatrick/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Take that

This turtle isn't minding its manners.

15 of 22 Martin Grace/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Rump scratcher

A baboon had to take care of an itch.

16 of 22 Nader Al-Shammari/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


An eagle owl chick takes a high-stepping stroll in Saudi Arabia.

17 of 22 Petr Sochman/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Tell it to the foot

Two parakeets keep their social distance in Sri Lanka.

18 of 22 Sally Lloyd-Jones/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

No fishing

Kingfishers clearly can't read signs.

19 of 22 Thomas Vijayan/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Swinging on tails

These monkeys in India have a different kind of swing set.

20 of 22 Tim Hearn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Face plant

It can be hard to keep your feet sometimes, even when you're an elephant in Namibia.

21 of 22 Wei Ping Peng/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Hot stuff

A snow monkey in Japan took a hot dip.

22 of 22 Yarin Klein/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Bears doing bear things

At least one of these brown bears is goofing off.

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