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HolidayBuyer's Guide
Audio-Technica's ATH-CK1W in-ear headphones are available in an array of six colors, with the idea that you can coordinate with your preferred style. These 'buds are very compact and superlight, and they come with three interchangeable earpieces in XS, S and M sizes, specifically made for women to provide superior comfort.
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The ATH-CK1Ws also include a metal pillbox-style case that matches the color of the earbuds. The entire package will set you back about $60.
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The ATH-ON3W Portable Headphones are an ultralight, on-ear set that come in a choice of four colors: white, dark gray, pink, or teal. They offer a thin, adjustable headband and a design that folds flat for storage. These earphones retail for $69.95.
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The ATH-ES3W Portable Headphones are a supersleek set of on-ear style headphones that are slightly larger and more cushy than the ATH-ON3W. The earcups fold flat for easy transport, and the package also includes a pouch and a cable wrap for such purposes. You can find them in four color options--blue, green, pink, and silver--for $99.95.
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Last up, we have the ATH-CK6W In-Ear Headphones, a sound-isolating set with an earplug-style design. These earphones come in your choice of blue, pink, green, or silver and include a cable wrap and travel pouch in the package.
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The ATH-CK6Ws also include a unique design feature that helps to offer a secure fit: three interchangeable loop support pieces. This makes them a good choice for the active user. Retail pricing is $99.95.
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