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Cobra's AirWave Box and Mini

Easy to spot

Some rough and tumble

Sealing off the ports

Whatever floats your... speakers

Pint-sized sound

Splash resistant to boot

Coming soon after CES

LAS VEGAS -- Cobra Electronics' new line of Bluetooth speakers debuted at CES this year in Las Vegas. Known as the AirWave Mini (left) and Box, both speakers combine hands-free Bluetooth audio connection with a durable construction.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

Available in several colors, the Box will come in black, white, and orange at launch, with more colors to follow.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

Upon first glance, I wasn't able to tell that the device was rugged. However, it is encased in a layer of soft-touch rubber, which reportedly ensures the Box's toughness.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

The speaker's ports come sealed with a small rubber door, and its large control buttons for playing music and controlling audio volume are completely flush with the rest of the device's surface.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

The Box is able to survive a dunking in water for 30 minutes in up to a meter of water. However, if you were to lose hold of it while, say, inner-tubing, it is designed to float.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

Meanwhile, the Mini is indeed mini. Measuring about three inches tall, it can fit inside a small coat pocket. From the front, it looks like a small toy car tire, but along its sides are numerous small patches that vaguely remind me of Dutch Crunch bread.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

The device was designed with a splash resistant exterior. Both Bluetooth speakers have a reported music playback time of 10 hours and a standby time of 120 hours.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET

The Mini will be available in February for $39.99, while the Box will retail a month later in March for $79.99.

Caption by / Photo by Lynn La/CNET
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