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Brian Cooley and Molly Wood

CNET's Brian Cooley and Molly Wood welcome CES 2013 attendees to CNET's Next Big Thing SuperSession on the post-mobile future.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Fared Adib, Sheryl Connelly, James Fishler, and Mark Cuban

The Next Big Thing panel guests at CES 2013: Fared Adib, senior vice president of product development and operations at Sprint; Sheryl Connelly, Ford's in-house futurist; James Fishler, a senior vice president at LG Electronics USA; and entrepreneur Mark Cuban.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban at CNET's Next Big Thing panel at CES 2013.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Fared Adib, Sheryl Connelly, and James Fishler

Ford futurist Connelly (shown here with Adib and Fishler) says all this hyperconnectivity means we will get less, not more. It's not about information -- it's about getting the right information at the right time.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Molly Wood and Fared Adib

CNET's Wood and Sprint's Adib, who says the evolution of the phone -- with speeds catching up to desktop speeds -- means that all sorts of useful data is getting collected.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Next Big Thing panel

Near the end of the discussion, the conversation with Connelly, Fishler, Cuban, and Adib (not pictured) turned toward issues of privacy and security. Cuban said he's more concerned about national security hacks than he is about personal security hacks.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


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