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10. A weird trick that frees space on your iPhone

This weird trick frees up gigs of space on your iPhone

You've probably heard all the usual "free up space" tips, but this one's probably not on your radar. It's an honest-to-goodness magic trick, one that may fill you with joy while simultaneously making you a little mad at Apple.

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9. Fix a cracked iPhone 6/6S

What to do with a broken iPhone 6 or 6S screen

If you thought you were the only klutzy CNET reader, you were wrong. Lots of you wanted to know how to repair a broken iPhone 6/6S screen within the year it was released.

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8. Another storage tip

How to add more storage to your iPhone or iPad

Increasing (and gaining back) storage was a major theme this year. Many readers likely realized that their 16GB iPhone or iPad wasn't cutting it for storing many high-quality videos, photos and games.

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7. Stop Windows 10 from updating automatically

How to stop Windows 10 from automatically updating your computer

Microsoft knows that people hate updating their computers and phones, so it had a solution: update Windows 10 without asking.

But since we think you should be able to decide if you want to update your operating system, we made this guide.

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6. The new Messages app on iOS 10

All the features in iOS 10's new Messages app

iOS 10's most surprising new feature? A totally-revamped Messages app.

The new app included drawing, sending heartbeats, apps like Yelp and JibJab, GIFs and a whole lot more.

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5. About those hoverboards...

Are hoverboards safe yet?

Before Galaxy Note 7s caught fire, hoverboards did.

If you're considering buying a hoverboard (which are less likely to catch fire these days), read this guide.

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4. Instagram's Stories feature

Instagram Stories: Everything you need to know

A Snapchat-like feature found its way into Instagram this year, letting you share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. At number 3, you guys were pretty into it.

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3. Pokemon Go: The beginner's guide

Pokemon Go: Gyms, candy, pokeballs and everything else you need to know

There's no surprise here -- Pokemon Go dominated this year, especially those summer months. This guide was a go-to for those getting started with the game.

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2. Advanced Pokemon Go tips

Advanced Pokemon Go tips from people who play too damn much

Mastering Pokemon Go takes vigilance -- and these pro tips. Our list of advanced tips was the second most-popular guide on CNET How To this year.

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1. Watch every Marvel property in the perfect order

How to watch every Marvel movie and TV show in perfect order

Marvel's movie, comic and TV show timeline is incredibly complex. So much so, our guide to navigating it topped the chart.

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