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Welcome to the CNET UK picture gallery, where Twitter followers of @cnetuk get to peek behind the scenes at the UK's biggest and best consumer technology site

Richard Trenholm
Richard Trenholm was CNET's film and TV editor, covering the big screen, small screen and streaming. A member of the Film Critic's Circle, he's covered technology and culture from London's tech scene to Europe's refugee camps to the Sundance film festival.
Richard Trenholm
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They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but in this case a picture speaks 140 characters. Welcome to CNET UK's Twitter picture gallery, where we'll be lifting the curtain, breaking the fourth wall, and going behind the scenes on just what goes on at the UK's biggest and best consumer technology review site. You'll meet the team, see what we get up to at press launches, watch the CNET UK Podcast being recorded, and see outtakes from our video and product shoots.

We'll be posting a new picture every day and directly linking to the latest pic as a bonus feature specially for our readers at twitter.com/cnetuk. If you have any requests for pictures you would -- or wouldn't -- like to see, let us know in the comments. Onwards!

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See? Behind the scenes.
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Where the magic happens: the CNET UK newsdesk.
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Nick listens to Nate's latest recommendation: a metal version of the Tetris theme.
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Jason and Ian set up a big-screen real-time newsfeed as we prepare for WWDC tonight.
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Team WWDC in action: Nick subs, Jason points, Nate types, Rich photographs. Note the shortbread keeping us sane.
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Mary's famous duck collection.
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Our GameSpot compadre Luke shoots a video with some visiting Capcom chaps. Video monkeys Ash (standing, left) and Chris (standing, right) approve.
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Cake Thursday, 11 June 2009. We hope Pleo has paid his cake subs...
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Nate tests out the Wii MotionPlus with EA's forthcoming Grand Slam Tennis.
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Outtakes from our iPod shuffle size comparison photo story: Homer...
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...and Buddy Christ both approve.
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Assembled tech hacks, including Rich, test out the Olympus E-P1 on a shooting tour of Berlin.
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Rory's out of the office today, shooting the latest Car Tech video. Here's what he could be doing right now: This is a shot of Rory, and Drew from the video team, filming the award-winning Jaguar XKR episode.
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The Operations Team (they're a bit like IT) Wall of Fail!
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We don't know what Colin's smiling at, someone's eaten half of him. That's just how it goes on Cake Thursday.
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Ian shows what he thinks of the new MacBook Pro, while browsing the App Store -- on his Android phone.
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Here, CBSi marketing gurus Helen and Vaishali sell cakes at the second CBS Interactive charity cake bake-off. As you may have guessed, we like to eat lots of cake.
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This page isn't large enough to even begin to explain how Rory ended up wearing a kimono while riding a lawnmower at midnight in the middle of Sweden. Let's just say it's a long story. "I thought I thought better of that," says the man himself, which may begin to shed some light on the matter.
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The second CBS Interactive Battle of the Bands is almost upon us, and the promotional posters decorate every inch of the building in preparation.
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Rich recently went to Lisbon to test out some new cameras, with assorted tech journalists from all over the Web and print. How many do you recognise?
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Flora gets three-dimensional as Nate tests a 3D Webcam.
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Nick Hide, executive business man extraordinaire.
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Rain stops play at the CBS Interactive Charity Rounders Tourney on 23 July 2009. Picture by Nate. Not pictured: Rory, Nick, representatives of assorted PR companies, and our friends from GameSpot, BNET and TV.com. We won, natch.
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And you thought you had cable-management issues? Rory's cable clog, like human intestines, could reach to the moon and back if stretched out to its full length. Crappy snap courtesy of Flora's iPhone 3GS.
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Exciting times at CNET Towers as Ian is interviewed in the highest definition, filmed on the Red One camera.
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A group of naked chaps ascended the stairs of CNET UK this afternoon, giving the girls a little crisis, and everyone else free Mini Magnum ice creams.
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Jason uses Jedi mind tricks to control a game at an Amazon show-and-tell in Bloomsbury.
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The flyer for the annual CBSi staff summer party, as designed by Rich. Click continue for some pictures from the night.
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The music is crowdsourced via a Spotify playlist, thanks to Rich and Ian's editorial knowhow synergised with action points from Simone "The Delivererer".
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Flora, Nick and Ian show how we roll. CNET represent!
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Disaster! Productivity plummets at CNET Towers. This could wipe millions off our share price. Still, best to keep a stiff upper lip.
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Jason enjoys Little Boots at the launch of Nokia's Skate Almighty, a roller rink next to London's Tower Bridge. Not pictured: assorted Z-list 'celebrities'.
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Rich's contribution to the #iphs iPhone home screen meme on Twitter. It was insured, but he spent the money on cakes.
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Nate lets off some steam on the keys at the end of a long Friday. We should point out that he lives less than ten minutes away. He obviously loves CNET Towers.
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If you thought it was impossible for Rory Reid to get any sexier, then get a load of Rory Reid in an Aston blinkin' Martin. Just out of shot: the ladyfolk of Southwark try to get our man's attention with more pouting, preening and flicking of hair than a pouting, preening and hair-flicking competition in the L'Oreal testing lab.
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Rich shoots a video review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1 in one of our two state-of-the-art greenscreen studios here at CNET Towers. Drew is behind the lens, while the video will be edited by Alper.
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One of the team is getting married in the morning...
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Nick, Nate and former CNETeer Andrew leave Ian's wedding... and head straight for Twitter. Just out of shot: Rich attempts to tweet with one hand and snap this picture with the other.
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Nick wins T-shirt of the day at payday beers, where CBSi staff get a few beers to make up for the fact that we have the best job in the world. Ten Internets to anyone who spots the reference. (Clue: It's Wayne's World.)
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Rich and Erica Ogg from CNET US sneak behind the scenes at IFA, as press conferences take place in the bigger booths before the show starts.
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Nate, Erica and Rich represent CNET at IFA. You can't tell, but they're actually sat on a swing in a bar 16 floors above Berlin. Later, there was dancing.
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Nate and Erica Ogg from CNET US sit in the IFA press room working tirelessly. Notice Erica has a slightly better MacBook Pro than Nate. He was not impressed.
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Rich proudly displays his press credentials outside Apple's September music event. Only an hour to go Rich, you appalling fanboy.
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CNET.com's Natali Del Conte joins @CNETUK and @ZDNetUK down the pub. From left to right: Joffy @theJof, David @superglaze, Natali @natalidelconte, Rupert @rupertg, Nate @natelanxon, Tom @tomespiner, Drew the photographer @drewstearne, Ian @ian9outof10, Rory @rory79 and Rich @rich_trenholm.
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a £20,000 remote-controlled helicopter with a camera attached to it? Find out later this week in Crave.
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Ian now has an iPhone. However, his love for HTC's Hero is hard to quash, as demonstrated in this photograph.
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Here's a treat for Stephen King fans: "one he never vocalized when discussing the games with his fellow fans. It would not have been politic to do so. "The girls took the sport personally, and that made them better haters. "The boys wanted to win, yes, and sometimes a game could get hot if it was against a traditional rival (in the case of The Mills Wildcats sports teams, the despised Castle Rock Rockets), but" See today's Crave for an explanation...
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Nate's new wallpaper is a picture of Rich. We're not sure why.
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This is Nate's desk: two MacBooks, one Windows 7 tower, three monitors, three keyboards, three mice, and one giant 27-inch iMac, which you can just about make out.
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What product has arrived in this enormous and very heavy case? See if you can guess (to be answered on next photo, to be posted shortly).
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We can now reveal that the enormous and very heavy case contains, not cake (@davidgilson), the latest Apple Air, Ginger Nuts, Something for Ian to complain about (@_Nathan_Jones_ ), lots of moneys (@dave1022 ), Service pack 1 for Windows 7 (@br1mcg), a Motorola Droid (mikejaydavies) or even someone's soul (@davidgilson again). It contains a pair of headphones! £1000 Sennheiser HD 800s to be precise. Good game everyone!
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CNET UK from God's perspective (at the top of the BT Tower).
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Happy birthday, Firefox! To celebrate the browser's fifth anniversary, Mozilla sent us a Firefox cupcake with a 'fire add-on' to sweeten the moment. Awww.
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This corporate Christmas greeting came for Nate, from the fine people at Spotify. It's some sort of massive, black CD which we cannot seem to play.

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