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IFA 2014 trip winner: "I use my phone to screen a documentary for my LEGO friends about their native culture."

Published:Caption:Photo:Dion Brooks
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Runner up: "Watching a live world cup game while getting ready to work on a Wednesday morning on my GS5."

Published:Caption:Photo:Will Lopez
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Runner up: "My phone is my grocery shopping list - I take a photo before I head out, so I know what I need, and what I have too much of (butter, it would seem!)"

Published:Caption:Photo:Judith Dyason
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Runner up: "I hold desktop discos at my work. Needless to say, my colleagues love it."

Published:Caption:Photo:Toby Fisher
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"Phones are now intergalactic translators - look at this poor robot trying to tell us a message."

Published:Caption:Photo:Johnson Chan
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"No bottle opener? No worries! You've always got your phone!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Will Ross
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"I'm exploring the IFA Berlin venue in basic virtual reality using Google Maps on my S4 in a home made version of the Google Cardboard cradle."

Published:Caption:Photo:Hayden Skelton
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"My phone is a powerful computer, but I just use it as a shoehorn to get my shoes on."

Published:Caption:Photo:Johnson Chan
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