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When we spotted this pic of Mark Zuckerberg swarmed by media at yesterday's Facebook News Feed announcement, we immediately thought it could use some embellishing. So we called on our ever-creative CNET readers to fire up their photo-editing software and caption-writing skills and liven the picture up. As usual, they came through -- in a big way.

Click through our gallery to see some of our favorite submissions, starting with our top four picks. Congrats to the winners, and a big thanks to all who submitted!

Updated:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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Zuck and the zombies

As this winner from Argel Matanguihan shows, things got a tad out of hand at yesterday's Facebook event. "Insert some societal perspective statement about how we're social-media zombies," Matanguihan says.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Argel Matanguihan
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Augmented reality

Oliver Pomeroy's subtle yet funny image, another of our top four, has Zuckerberg facing the media onslaught wearing none other than Google specs.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Oliver Pomeroy
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A moment of doubt

This winning image, by Michael Roque, touched a chord. Ever have that nagging feeling?

Updated:Caption:Photo:Michael Roque
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Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg. Winner Kevin A. Green went with a Bond theme (and made a CNET editor blush in the process).

Updated:Caption:Photo:Kevin A. Green
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The big reveal

Another great image from Argel Matanguihan, who brought us the winning pic of Zuckerberg surrounded by zombies: "The truth is...I am Iron Man."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Argel Matanguihan
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Eyes needed

And more undead, this time from Jonathan Peterson.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jonathan Peterson
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Meet Facebook's new mascots

From Frederic Nouvel, this is what a Facebook press conference Down Under might look like.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Frederic Nouvel
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Mark the milliner

From Sean Hockabout: "Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced today he has launched a new line of women's hats, wearing his Audrey Hepburn reproduction." Hey, we'd totally wear 'em!

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sean Hockabout
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Party in the press room

Chris Ruhle calls this image "Zuckerberg Shake."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Chris Ruhle
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The accidental unveiling

Boxers or briefs? This photo from Bruce Vivero seems to answer that question.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Bruce Vivero
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Crave contributor (and Photoshop whiz) Christopher MacManus went with a Hulk-and-hoodie motif.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Christopher MacManus/CNET
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Suited up

Dominic Mangles took Zuckerberg out of his hoodie altogether. "The man needs a good tailor!" he says.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dominic Mangles
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Hoodie heroism

Speaking of Zuckerberg's famous hoodies, Roy Brubaker sent in this image.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Roy Brubaker
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That's Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to the left of Mark Zuckerberg and Tumblr founder David Karp to the right in Roman Drobot's image. They don't look too happy, do they?

Updated:Caption:Photo:Roman Drobot
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New acquisition

"Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces he has acquired a sandwich in a $1 billion strategic acquisition," writes Ernie Granillo.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Ernie Granillo
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In North Korea

Just another typical day for Facebook's chief executive hanging out with Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman. Imagined by William Ferguson.

Updated:Caption:Photo:William Ferguson
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Size does matter

Facebook's redesigned News Feed incorporates bigger images. Who knows? Newt Idrona's image suggests that maybe the social-networking giant will announce a resurrection of the giant ancient tablet next.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Newt Idrona
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Mark Zuckerberg's a little confused about subject matter in this snap by Cameron Smith.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Cameron Smith
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Roll of the dice

If you saw the movie "Jumanji" with Robin Williams, you'll get this reference from Mauro Perez.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Mauro Perez
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'Sorry, can't hear the question'

CNET's Sharon Vaknin, known by some as "Lady MacGyver," knows everything about securing your Facebook settings. She also knows how to seriously spruce up a press event.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sharon Vaknin
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Facebook (or is it Bookface?)

A reader who goes by the name "Pad.A" submitted this photo with the message, "Hope this wins the worst photo!" Well, congrats Pad.A! Those, you might note, are books on top of a face. Geddit?!

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