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By Ariel Nunez

I might have giggled like a little school girl when I saw CNET TV producer Ariel Nunez's sketch of this cute Nintendo video game character. Can you guess who it is?
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By Karyne Levy

You might not know this, but Karyne Levy, our senior copy editor, is an incredible singer, and now, we come to find out, a great artist. She drew this cute walrus for a friend. I imagine it's thinking, "Where's mah bucket?"
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By Jamie Yee

The CNET TV crew must be drinking something, because this sweet sketch comes from another television producer; this time Jamie Yee. We'd like to think Ms. "Bossypants" Tina Fey would be quite fond of Jamie's drawing -- you betcha!
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By Jeff Sparkman

I already knew copy editor Jeff Sparkman was a great artist, so I always look forward to his Draw Something creations, even though they make my drawings look like utter crap. Arrrgh! (See what I did there?)
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By Jason Parker

Jason Parker, a senior associate editor, gets to review some of the hottest mobile games as part of his job at, so it only seems appropriate that he draw the original mobile gaming device, the GameBoy.
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By Josh Lowensohn

CNET News staff writer Josh Lowensohn is another one I look forward to playing Draw Something with because he's got some creative ideas sketches (e.g., drawing "The Simpsons" comic book guy for the word comics). This poor fellow looks like he's having some trouble with his bike.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Josh Lowensohn/CNET
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By Elinor Mills

CNET News senior writer Elinor Mills is a big animal lover, and it looks like she put that love into this adorable poodle drawing. I want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George.
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