Get the most out of the Chrome browser on your mobile device (pictures)

Looking to get the most out of Google's Chrome browser on your mobile phone? We've got plenty of guides to help you on your way.

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Google's Chrome browser is full of nifty features -- especially on mobile devices. But some of the stuff this little app can do might not be so obvious. We're here to help: you'll find plenty of guides to show you you get more out of Google Chrome on whatever mobile device you choose. Is there something missing? Let us know in the comments!

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Browsing a website that's in a foreign language? Chrome makes it easy to get things translated -- just follow the prompts, and then check our guide for tips on tweaking the feature.

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Mobile data caps are no fun, but Google is here for you. Turning on the Reduce Data Usage feature in Google Chrome will compress some of the websites you visit before they ever reach your device, resulting in less data being transmitted overall. Read on to save yourself some bandwidth.

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Bookmarklets are an incredibly handy way to get more out of your browser, but unweildy code can make them hard to implement on a mobile device. This guide will help you get started.

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As we browse the Web, most of the sites we visit collect data on us. Most of it's used for the seemingly benign purpose of serving us with ads that may be relevant to our interests, but you're not alone if you'd rather not have your browsing habits on file somewhere. Google is one of many browsers that offers a Do Not Track option, which tells websites you'd rather not have your data collected. To access it on your mobile device, head to Setting, select Privacy, and click Do Not Track. You'll probably want to do the same on your desktop browser -- check this guide to find out how.

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Looking for a site you were browsing earlier? Or maybe you just want to cover your tracks, and keep certain parts of the Web out of your search history. Either way, you want to access your browsing history, which will give you a thorough list of all of the URLs you've clicked in a Chrome browser on all of your devices. Check our guide to find out how.

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If you're using Chrome on an iOS device, you may find that links to documents, videos, or directions might open Apple-specific apps. If you'd rather stay within the Google fold, follow these instructions to make Google apps the default choice.

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Looking to browse a bit more efficiently on your mobile phone? Google has baked a few gestures into Android that should make juggling lots of tabs a bit less onerous. Learn about them with our guide.

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Whoops -- didn't actually mean to close that tab? Don't fret, you've got a few options for quickly getting back to what you were doing, the easiest being to hit the undo button.

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Can't bear to be away from your PC? Set up Google Chrome's remote desktop app on your Android device, and you'll be able to control a PC or Mac wherever you have a Web connection. And it's easy to set up -- follow our guide to see how.

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