Check out these wonderfully detailed 'Game of Thrones' props (pictures)

Get up close and personal with the amazing artefacts that bring the "Game of Thrones" universe to life.

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1 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The actors in "Game of Thrones" have earned plenty of plaudits for their portrayal of the violent, scheming and -- occasionally -- honourable denizens of Westeros, but it's the physical props and costumes that really bring the show to life.

We've taken a camera around the "Game of Thrones" exhibition, which features props that were used in the series at Sky's Backstage venue in London's O2 arena. Click through to check out the beautiful gear on show, as well as some of the "Game of Thrones"-themed experiences that visitors to the exhibition will enjoy.

First, however, a spoiler warning -- while there's nothing here that gives away any meaningful details from the fifth season onwards, you will see props and read details from key events in the first four seasons. You have been warned.

We begin with some props belonging to House Stark.

2 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the dress worn by Sansa Stark in the Vale while she's under the protection of Littlefinger, and disguised as the fictitious commoner Alayne Stone in order to hide her true identity.

3 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Note the feathers on the shoulder, which link the dress to the mockingbird worn as Littlefinger's personal crest.

4 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

On the left meet Ice, the greatsword of House Stark. Eddard Stark is ultimately killed by his own blade, which is melted down by a gloating Tywin Lannister. On the right we find a smaller -- yet far more famous -- sword. This is Needle, the blade given to Arya Stark by Jon Snow, before he leaves Winterfell to start a new life on the Wall.

5 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

A close-up look at Ice, which in the show is made of the famously sturdy Valyrian steel, and has been given a mottled look by the props department.

6 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

And here are Arya's travelling clothes, worn by Maisie Williams, who plays the youngest Stark daughter on the show. These tattered rags don't look too comfortable.

7 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Something a little more luxurious -- a dress worn by Daenerys' handmaid Missandei, on the left, and on the right, an ornate frock worn by the Mother of Dragons herself.

8 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Daenerys wears this dress in Meereen, the slave city freed by her roving army. Instead of moving swiftly onto Westeros to unseat the Lannisters, Dany chooses to stay in Meereen and rule as queen.

9 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The "Game of Thrones" dragons are done using CGI, so this model is one of the few items on show that isn't actually part of the series.

10 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Life under Daenerys' rule isn't always kind. This Meereenese child was slaughtered by one of the queen's dragons, running amok. The remains of the child, who was called Hazzea, are presented to Daenerys by her distraught father. In the background of this shot, note the dragon eggs given to Daenerys in season one.

11 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is a Meereenese mask, worn in the city that Daenerys conquers in season four.

12 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the sword wielded by Ser Jorah Mormont, the exiled noble living in the desert land of Essos, who develops strong feelings for Daenerys.

13 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Mormont is an able swordsman, but the peacock scabbard is a touch ostentatious, we think.

14 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the greatsword wielded by Gregor Clegane, also known as The Mountain, in his duel against Oberyn Martell. The enormous sword is too heavy to be lifted by anyone other than an Icelandic weight-lifting champion, so is mounted here to give visitors a neat photo opportunity -- one we could hardly turn down.

15 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

A plastic cover is placed over the tip of the sword. Safety first, kids.

16 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Next we come to a range of outfits worn by those in attendance at Tyrion's trial by combat at the end of season four. This sunny dress is worn by Ellaria Sand, Prince Oberyn Martell's paramour.

17 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the kit worn by Martell as he battles the muscular Mountain. Prince Oberyn chooses not to wear heavy plate armour for his duel -- or a helmet.

18 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Note the coiled snake around the tip of Oberyn's spear -- an icon strongly associated with the Martell family. See if you can spot those snakes elsewhere in this gallery.

19 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is what Gregor Clegane wears while fighting. Unlike Oberyn's garb, it's extremely thick and bulky.

20 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This Dornish viper box is a prop from the upcoming fifth season, and is featured in the show's latest trailer. One can only guess at its sinister purpose.

21 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the golden prosthetic worn by Jaime Lannister, the arrogant yet complicated warrior whose life is turned upside down by the loss of his sword hand in the third season.

22 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Dornish daggers. Those who've read the "Song of Ice and Fire" novels will know that there are plenty of fascinating Dornish characters yet to make an on-screen appearance.

23 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

These eye stones are laid on corpses during funerals in the capital city of King's Landing. We've already seen stones like these laid on the lids of Jon Arryn in season one, and on Joffrey Baratheon in season four. Who's next?

24 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The pin worn by the Hand of the King, the lucky -- or unlucky -- citizen who serves as the monarch's right-hand man. "What the King dreams, the Hand builds" goes the phrase, although the smallfolk of Westeros have a less polite saying.

25 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Joffrey Baratheon's crown. Although we know the unpopular king was a product of Lannister incest, his official crown bears the stag iconography of House Baratheon, hence the antlers.

26 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the gold chain worn by Shae, the young lady who comes into the service of Tyrion Lannister.

27 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Another necklace with a backstory, this one worn by Sansa Stark. Unknown to Sansa, one of these gems is actually a vial filled with poison, used to kill Joffrey at his own wedding.

28 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

It's time to examine some even more ornate outfits.

29 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This leather affair is worn by Jaime Lannister. It's informal clothing -- Jaime is usually seen in hefty armour, in keeping with his role as head of the Kingsguard, the force tasked solely with protecting the king.

30 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This highly decorated dress is worn by Cersei Lannister, Jaime's increasingly unhinged but ruthlessly cunning twin sister.

31 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The most impressive dress in the whole exhibition is this one -- it's the wedding dress worn by Margaery Tyrell, who weds Joffrey Baratheon in season four. On the right are Joffrey's wedding clothes.

32 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This incredibly detailed frock is covered in tiny thorns and roses. The sigil of House Tyrell is a golden rose on a green field, so these decorations are entirely apt for a ceremony that forges an alliance between the two families.

33 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Joffrey's clothes are similarly detailed. Lions are the sigil of House Lannister, and their words are "Hear me roar," although the phrase "A Lannister always pays his debts" is better known.

34 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This ornate crossbow is better suited to the court of King's Landing than a battlefield. The sides are covered in velvet.

35 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Alongside the crossbow, brightly coloured bolts.

36 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here's the outfit worn by Tyrion during Joffrey's fatal wedding, which later comes to be known by fans as the "Purple Wedding".

37 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here are two weapons used by the eerie White Walkers, which roam the frozen wastes north of the Wall.

38 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

We were told that one of these weapons has been seen before, and one is yet to make an appearance on screen. Are you a hardcore enough to identify which is which?

39 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This White Walker doesn't appear in the show (all the Walkers are created with CGI), but impressively this prop was used in filming to give John Bradley-West, who plays Samwell Tarly, something to act against.

40 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Walker's fingernails are detailed, and decidedly creepy.

41 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Will bits of bone become the must-have accessory for 2015? Probably not, no.

42 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here's a tableau of clothes and props related to Stannis Baratheon.

43 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here's a close-up of Stannis' scabbard, which cleverly features both stag and heart iconography, representing Stannis' lineage and the fiery heart of R'hllor (his adopted religion) respectively.

44 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

That dual signage is repeated on Stannis' breastplate. Note the stag placed within a burning heart.

45 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

We were told that because many of the outfits were taken fresh from filming, the mud and grime on them was real, rather than the work of the props department.

46 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This is the clothing of Melisandre, the mystic priestess who travels with Stannis, offering spells and advice to the frustrated contender to the throne. Note the detail on her iconic golden choker.

47 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Less refined but more practical garb now. This is the clothing of Tormund Giantsbane, the larger-than-life Wildling leader.

48 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Tormund's clothing is a tangled mess of leather and fur. It's not pretty, but it certainly looks warm. Handy if you're scaling the Wall.

49 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Another famous blade, this is Longclaw. It's the ancestral sword of House Mormont, but commander Mormont of the Night's Watch has it fitted with a stone-carved wolf's head, and gives it to Jon Snow.

50 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here's a close-up of that wolf's head on Longclaw's hilt. Jon Snow eventually uses this sword in his brutal and emotional fight against Qhorin Halfhand.

51 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

And here are Jon Snow's dreary garments. Not ideal for blending in with the snowy tundra of the North, but ideal for signalling Snow out as a member of the Night's Watch, which dress all in black and have taken vows to be "the shield that guards the realms of men."

52 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This nightmare-inducing mask is worn by the Lord of Bones, the wildling leader who's also known as Rattleshirt for the way his bone-filled clothing clatters as he walks.

53 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

These rough-hewn wildling implements are a far cry from the bejewelled tools seen in King's Landing.

54 of 54 Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Finally of course, there's a chance to sit the Iron Throne, complete with themed furs and cloaks to wear. I may be wearing a ladies' cloak in this photo, I'm not totally sure. One thing I am sure of is that it looks great.

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