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Eclipse AVN4430

CES 2009 is finally here and with it comes a torrent of new car related products. From car audio to fuel savers to driver safety, the range of products at CES will cover the full gamut. Here's a sample of what you can expect to see.

The dash mounted Eclipse AVN4430 is an double DIN audio/video receiver featuring an integrated TomTom portable navigation device.

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Eclipse AVN726E

The Eclipse AVN726E features "full-on in-vehicle entertainment" with improved audio performance over the previous-gen AVN receivers. The AVN726E also features Eclipse's flash-based navigation software.

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Davis Insturments' CarChip

Davis Instruments will be bringing a new version of their (pictured) CarChip, the CarChip for Telematics. CarChip Telematics is an OBD II tool that provides a direct path to vehicle information in tandem with "carputers" (also called CarPCs) and third-party devices.

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Aliph Jawbone

Aliph will be bringing its Jawbone Bluetooth headset, which measures sound transferred through the user's jawbone, rather than through air, for clearer call quality.

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PLX will be showing the entry level version of its Kiwi fuel saving device, the PLX KiwiMPG. Dropping many of the peripheral features of its larger sibling, the KiwiMPG features a monochrome LCD display, a smaller size, and a new lower price.

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Nextar Solar Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bluetooth car kit from Nextar aims to free drivers from nests of charging cables by drawing its power from the sun.

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AT&T CruiseCast

AT&T will be dropping by the Car Tech booth to install its CruiseCast system, an amazing in-car satellite TV system. This technology wowed us before at SEMA 2008, so we're really excited about testing it.

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Continental MultiMedia Platform

Continental, a company best known for tires, will be demoing its MultiMedia Platform (MMP), developed in partnership with Microsoft, which the company hopes will serve as a central computer for future vehicles. The system features a dual core processor that controls GPS navigation, climate control, infotainment, and optional Bluetooth and WLAN modules.

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Viper Responder HD

Boasting a one-mile range, the Viper Responder HD remote improves over previous Responder remotes with the addition of a full color OLED display and new graphics and animations.

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Cobra XRS 9960G

The XRS 9960G and 9955 build off of last year's flagship model with the increased performance and innovative features representative of the new line. As the first and only company offering an OLED display, Cobra has incorporated the new Extreme Bright DataGrafix II full-color display into a number of units, including the 9960G and 9955. Their 1.5-inch screens can be customized with five different color schemes to match the driver's dash illumination. The units also offer the proprietary speed and red light camera database - standard with the 9960G and optional with the 9955 - as well as S-XRS technology and 15-Band detection, standard on both units.

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