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Plantronics Backbeat Go 2

Small and light, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 wireless headphones pipe stereo audio from phones to your ears. They also make an affordable stocking stuffer. (Looking for even more wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones? We've got an in-depth list.)

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Jabra Motion

Packed with hands-free chatting features galore and offering an extremely comfy fit, the Jabra Motion appeals to hard-core mobile talkers. Check out our list of best Bluetooth headsets if you want even more choices.

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Deck by Sol Republic

Designed to pump stereo sound from phones over Bluetooth, the Deck is perfect for those who use their handset as their primary audio device. If you want even more choices -- with prices from $40 and up -- check out our list of top wireless speaker options.

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Pebble Watch

If you love to tinker with tech, then the Pebble Watch is for you. It also serves as a very capable and intelligent timepiece.

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Fitbit Force

The latest addition to the Fitbit family of fitness trackers, the Force acts as both an excellent health gadget and a striking digital watch. If you want alternatives, plenty are available.

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