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75th anniversary logo

In honor of the Man of Steel's 75th anniversary this summer, DC Entertainment has unveiled a new red, white, and blue silouette graphic logo that will be a part of many Superman events over the course of the next year -- beginning with DC Comics' launch of the new Superman Unchained series on June 12.

Just two days following the new comics' launch, DC's oldest superhero will appear again on the big screen, when Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" opens starring actor Henry Cavill in the roll of the super septagenarian. A new animated short will also accompany the slew of new releases later this summer.

He has appeared in thousands of issues of comics, dozens of animated films and movies, and countless kids ' Halloween costumes during his 75 years, but he's not slowing down -- Superman appears to be stronger than ever.

Here are a few of CNET's most notable Superman moments:
Photo by: DC Entertainment

Superman's first appearance

1938: Action Comics No. 1: Superman's first appearance
Photo by: DC Comics

First appearance of Supergirl

1959: Action Comics No. 252: First appearance of Supergirl, Superman's cousin
Photo by: DC Comics

Superman No. 1

1939: Superman No. 1
Photo by: DC Comics

Fred Ray's iconic illustrations

1942: Superman No. 14 -- one of artist Fred Ray's most iconic representations of the Man of Steel.
Photo by: DC Comics

Bizarro Superman

1959: Action Comics No. 254: Bizarro
Photo by: DC Comics

Superman/Batman composite

1964: World's Finest Comics No. 142, features a Superman/Batman composite -- with more than 20 super powers!
Photo by: DC Comics

Kryptonite on Earth is destroyed

1971: Superman No. 233: Kryptonite on Earth is destroyed
Photo by: DC Comics

Superman's team-up comic

1978: DC Comics Presents No. 1: Superman's team-up comic
Photo by: DC Comics

45th anniversary issue

1983: Action Comics No. 544 (45th anniversary issue, Lex Luthor and Brainiac redesign)
Photo by: DC Comics

Supergirl dies

1985: Crisis on Infinite Earths No. 7: Supergirl dies
Photo by: DC Comics

The last Superman issue

1986: Superman No. 423 (last issue)
Photo by: DC Comics

Last Action Comics issue

1986: Action Comics No. 583 (last issue)
Photo by: DC Comics

Man of Steel No. 1

1986: Man of Steel No. 1
Photo by: DC Comics

Proposal to Lois Lane

1990: Superman No. 50: Proposal to Lois Lane
Photo by: DC Entertainment

Superman dies fighting Doomsday

1992: Superman No. 75: Superman dies fighting Doomsday
Photo by: DC Entertainment

Superman returns

Following his death in 1992, Superman No. 75 while fighting Doomsday, in Superman No. 82, 1993, he's back.
Photo by: DC Entertainment


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