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Chill in a cat hammock

Cats may not like change, but they are willing to try new things when they involve food, fun or comfort. The tech world's love of cats can be seen in everything from iPad games for kitties to robotic mouse toys.

Cats like to lie on things. They also like to lie on warm things. That's why radiators are so attractive. Successful Kickstarter project Woozy makes hammocks especially for cats.

The Woozy bed can hang from a radiator, providing a safe and cozy perch for a heat-loving feline, or it can stand on the floor. Enough cat lovers backed the campaign to make it a reality.

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Hamster wheel for cats

Lazy indoor felines sometimes get a bit on the tubby side. Keeping your cat in shape can be a challenge, but there may be hope with a cat-sized hamster wheel called One Fast Cat. The kitty treadmill obliterated its $10,000 funding goal on Kickstarter to the tune of nearly $345,000. That shows how many people want to see their cats do hamster-style workouts.

Published:Caption:Photo:One Fast Cat
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AT-AT cat condo

There are cat condos and then there are galactic cat condos like this impressive AT-AT kitty house. Dubbed the CAT-AT, this homemade creation looks like a "Star Wars" AT-AT Walker and features carpeting and a chill-out pad inside the body.

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Cats of Instagram

This fluffy white kitty is sporting a Catstacam device, a motion-activated camera that take photos from a cat's point of view and uploads them to Instagram. The gadget is part of a marketing move by Whiskas Australia. It gives cats independent access to social media.

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'Star Wars' Landspeeder cat bed

There's no reason your geeky cat should have to settle for a regular round cat bed when it could have this incredible "Star Wars" Landspeeder bed instead. The custom-made bed took over 40 hours of labor to build, giving it a price tag of $600. The only problem is you might feel obligated to rename your kitty "Lick Skynapper."

Published:Caption:Photo:Roxy's Dream
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Hobbit home litter box

Cat litter boxes have never been so fantastical as the Middle-earth Hobbit-hole litter box, a one-off creation that Frodo would be happy to have for his pet. The "Lord of the Rings"-inspired box also keeps your kitty's bathroom facilities out of sight. As it turns out, one does just simply walk into the Hobbit-hole litter box.

Published:Caption:Photo:Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET
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A robo-mouse for kitties

The Mousr is one robot we don't need to worry about rising up and taking over humanity. That's because your cat will keep it in line. The mouse-shaped bot is full of sensors that help it respond to you cat's attacks like it's real prey. Mousr successfully topped its funding goal on Kickstarter and is expected to ship to eager cat owners this fall.

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Smart litter box weighs cats

Tailio is a smart litter box that not only provides a potty spot for your feline, but also tracks the pet's weight, waste and how often he or she uses the box. The idea is to get updates on your pet's health and catch any warning signs of illnesses early on. Tailio launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Published:Caption:Photo:Pet Wireless
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Track your cat's roaming ways

Outdoor cats disappear into the backyard and roam the neighborhood with their owners never knowing how far they travel. Unless you have a Cat Tracker.

Cat Trackers are cat-mounted GPS devices used for a project intending to find out investigating where domestic felines go on their days out. This image shows the tracks laid down by Cat Tracker participant Tiger, which display quite a bit of wanderlust.

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET
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Use your iPad as a cat toy

CNET test cat Delia is fascinated by Paint for Cats, an iPad app featuring a digital mouse running across the tablet screen. Every time she touches it, it leaves a paint mark.

Paint for Cats is one of several apps designed to intrigue the feline crowd. The fleeing, squeaky mouse is hard for a kitty to resist so long as cat owners don't mind their pets clawing at their expensive electronics.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amanda Kooser/CNET
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Feline facial recognition food bowl

The Bistro smart feeder is yet another successful cat-related crowdfunding project. It's more than just a food bowl: it uses facial recognition to track cats and send their people alerts if there are changes in appetite. A video feed allows owners to check in on their fur-buddies when they're not home.

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