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Attractive, if nondescript

The Canon EOS M certainly looks compact and efficient, but lacks the pizzazz that competing entry-level ILCs seems to have. And I'm not crazy about how it looks in any of the colors.

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With a predominantly touch-screen interface, there aren't a lot of direct-access controls on the camera.

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Very PowerShot

If it weren't for the hot shoe -- necessary since there's no built-in flash -- you'd be forgiven for mistaking this for a PowerShot from the top. This is likely intentional, to make the camera less threatening for people who want to step up from a point-and-shoot.

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The camera will initially ship with two lenses, a 22mm f2 and an 18-55mm f2.5-5.6 with image stabilization. The camera uses a new mount, dubbed EF-M.

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As with lots of cameras in this class, the EOS M uses an optional flash.

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