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Stereo mics

Though it disappointingly only offers VGA video capture, the SX10 IS does retain the separated stereo mics from previous models. The camera also has a wind filter for them.

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Mode dial

In addition to providing a custom setting slot on the mode dial, a feature of which I've always been a big fan, the SX10 IS' mode dial rotates freely for 360 degrees rather than stopping at C and making you reverse direction to get to movie capture. This is nice, plus atypical.

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Lens markings

Though you might not use them a lot, Canon cleverly includes equivalency markings on the lens. This can come in handy if you want to get the same angle of view on multiple shots.

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Simplified controls

Canon replaced and moved the multiplicity of buttons with the same simple dial and five-way navigation switch that it uses on its compact point-and-shoots. While I like the dial, it doesn't provide enough tactile feedback to match the control with the settings. For instance, when changing shutter speeds it doesn't feel like there's an equal amount of travel for each stop or indication when you've reached the next one.

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I'm not thrilled about the placement of the review button; it's a bit too out of the way and I repeatedly forget where to find it, which isn't helped by the low contrast blue-on-silver labeling. However, I do like the dedicated movie capture button, which works regardless of whether you've selected Movie on the mode dial.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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