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The Canon PowerShot S90 may sit there looking all innocent like a perfectly normal compact camera, but underneath that night-black exterior is a top-end 10-megapixel snapper. While the IXUS range can be criticised for being under-specced and overpriced, the S90 seems to push the limits of the power that can be crammed into a camera that still fits your pocket.

The lens boasts a wider-than-the-average f/2.0 aperture, with a focal length of 28mm. Like its bigger brother the G11, the S90 is stuffed with features such as adjustable flash, raw shooting and full manual control. In fact, it's basically the G11 with all the knobs stripped off the outside. It only shoots VGA video though, rather than high definition.

Canon is trumpeting the S90's low-light performance thanks to a dual anti-noise system -- which is actually just the sensor and the processor, and every camera has got those. There is a special low-light mode but it drops resolution to a paltry 2.5 megapixels. We'll be sure to test these features in our forthcoming in-depth review.

Click through our gallery to see more of the Canon PowerShot S90, including its clever ring-control feature, and to find out the (frankly ludicrous) price.

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The S90 includes a new control ring, allowing you to adjust settings by twisting the lens ring. It's the same way you'd control zoom and focus on an SLR, but here you can also adjust exposure and ISO speed. Pretty nifty stuff.

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At the back, the S90 sports a 76mm (3-inch) screen. On the top, as well as the usual mode wheel, zoom control and power button, there's a ring function control -- stop sniggering. This sets which feature the ring control will adjust. The Canon PowerShot S90 will be available in early October. If it wasn't an eye-watering £450 it would be top of our Christmas list.

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