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Low-ISO-sensitivity JPEGs

ISO 400 is the highest I'm comfortable shooting with the Canon PowerShot G16 if I want to be sure of getting good images.

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Noise and JPEG processing, midrange to high ISO sensitivities

ISO 800 is the highest I'd push; behond that, you lose too much detail.

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G15 vs. G16 vs. RX100, ISO 800 JPEG

The G16 shows extremely subtle improvements over the G15 -- but you really have to scrutinize to see that there's slightly less detail degradation (I think the exposure difference is from slightly different angles during the tests, which were a year apart). The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, while not perfect, is still better, in part because the higher resolution provides better preservation of detail.

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This shows the G16 at its best, producing sharp, detailed images with pleasing colors.

(1/125 sec, f3.2, evaulative metering, AWB, ISO 100, 28mm)

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ISO 400 is the highest I'd recommend shooting with the G16, since this is the top of the range where it can still deliver sharp, well-resolved textures.

(1/80 sec, f2, evaulative metering, AWB, ISO 400, 34mm)

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ISO 800 delivers acceptable quality, though you can see the problems it has with the solid color areas and the edges.

(1/60 sec, f6.3, evaulative metering, AWB, ISO 800, 28mm)

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ISO 800, JPEG vs. raw

You can get some better edges by processing raw at ISO 800, but the trade-off is more grain in the defocused areas.

(1/60 sec, f2.5, evaulative metering, AWB, ISO 800, 28mm)

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin/CNET


Photos at ISO 1600 don't look very good displayed at 100 percent or printed at large sizes (13 x19). They look fine scaled down by about 50 percent or so.

(1/60 sec, f2.2, spot metering, AWB, ISO 1600, 56.5mm)

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Canon pushes the saturation so that reds get a little too glowy, but that's pretty typical. Generally, the colors are pleasing. Disappointingly, though, you can't use the neutral color profile when shooting raw or raw+JPEG.

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It's got the same lens as the G15, but I though you'd like to see another bokeh shot.

(1/800 sec, f2.5, evaulative metering, AWB, ISO 100, 87.7mm)

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