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A bit bigger

Modernized interface

Dual card slots

More configurable

Mode dial and power switch

Ports and connections

It's a bit larger and heavier than the 5DM2, as well as the D800, but it doesn't fee too heavy and it's well balanced. It's a little more comfortable to grip than the 5DM2, thanks to a "stickier" texture. While the body isn't as tough as the 1D series, it has a little more dust-and-weather sealing than its predecessor.
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As you'd expect, the 5DM3 incorporates some of the more modern aspects of Canon's dSLR designs, including a quick-access menu and easily acessible movie recording.
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The ability to take both a CF card and an SD card has (thankfully) become an essential feature in this class of camera.
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Another welcome change from the 5DM2 is how much more physically configurable the camera is. In addition to this programmable function button, you can assign another function to the depth-of-field button (moved to the right side for operation with your right-hand ring finger).
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Though I'm sure a lot of people will welcome the lockable mode dial, it's got the design I dislike, which debuted in the 60D with the pushbutton lock in the middle of the dial. I also don't like the new location of the power switch; I don't know whether it gets moved when I put the camera in my bag or take it out, but whenever I take it out it's set to "on."
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There are no new connections on the 5DM3, though the AV Out jack is now a dedicated headphone jack.
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