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Canon's new entry-level digital SLR, the EOS 1000D, replaces the widely-popular 400D, adding new features to bring it more closely in line with the company's 450D.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it
The Canon EOS 1000D's appearance remains very similar to that of its predecessor, the 400D and big brother, the 450D. It's a tiny bit smaller, shaving a few millimetres off the body that would be harder to notice even in a physical comparison. But it is also 60 grams lighter than the 400D.

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Let's get Live View
Following in the footsteps of Olympus, who pioneered Live View years ago, Canon has included Live View in the 1000D making it the third Canon digital SLR to include this feature, after the 450D and higher-end 40D.

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Almost looks the same
Although most of the controls on the 1000D are identical to that of its predecessor, the 400D, the new model offers a dedicated ISO button above the mode dial. The actual buttons are also slightly larger, so inexperienced fingers will have less fiddling to do.

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Bye-bye CF, hello SF!
Falling in line with its big brother, the 450D, the 1000D has seen Canon make the switch from Compact Flash (CF) memory cards to the format more widely used by point and shoot photographers, Secure Digital (SD). Being able to use the same type of media for both snapshot and digital SLR photography should be a plus for many consumers.

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The whole package
The Canon EOS 1000D will begin shipping in late July, in a number of different configurations including both stabilised and non-stabilised lenses. The single lens kit will feature Canon's recent EF-S 18-55mm IS, which is the standard lens bundled with Canon's single lens kits.

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