Brewie+ can automatically whip up a batch of whatever beer you'd like to make

Use prepackaged sets or your own recipe with this customizable beer brewing bot.

Andrew Gebhart
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It's brewing time

Want to make beer at the push of a button? That's the promise of the Brewie+, an automatic beer machine from a beer-focused startup called Brewie. The Brewie+ is actually its second-generation beer making bot (the first was just called Brewie). This version promises faster brewing times and more memory for saving your own recipes. Click through to see how this metallic beast whips up a batch of beer. 

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Plenty of heft

The Brewie+ is no small investment. It's $2,500. Plus, it's roughly 60 pounds and more than two feet wide. You'll need to set aside a chunk of your bank account to purchase it, then a chunk of your counter space when you get it.

Once it's in place, you can use prepackaged sets of ingredients called Brewie Pads or your own ingredients with the Brewie+.

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Brewie Pads

The prepackaged ingredient kits come with malted barley, hops and yeast -- the usual suspects for making beer. The company offers 17 different varieties in a number of different styles. Brewie Pads cost between $30 and $50 a piece and make roughly 5 gallons of beer. 

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On display

You connect the Brewie+ to Wi-Fi using the touchscreen on the front of the display. 

Once you're set up, you can pick a recipe from the menu and hit start, or create your own recipe. The Brewie+ offers a wide variety of options for customization. You can select your own ingredients as well as your own times and temps for each stage of the brewing process. 

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The mashing tank

The right side of the machine is called the mashing tank. Place your grains into a grain sock, then set the sock down on the false bottom on this side of the Brewie+. 

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Hop cages

You can then place your hops into these hop cages. 

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Four slots

The Brewie+ allows you to use four different types of hops and put them into different slots in the machine. You can then customize when each set of hops is introduced into the mixture. 

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Automatic water

Hook the Brewie+ up to a faucet, and it'll automatically add the water it needs at any given step and can even cool off your beer when it's done cooking. 

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Temp testing

The Brewie+ held up well to our temperature tests. You can customize recipes with confidence and it will hit and hold your desired temps at any given stage. 

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Help needed

The Brewie+ doesn't actually take your beer from grains to glass. The machine makes wort, which is unfermented beer. You need to ferment the wort, then carbonate it and serve it using your own wits and materials. 

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Taste testing success

The Brewie+ can produce some pretty good beer. We all went back for seconds of this particular brew. 

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Big beer ambitions

Beginners might struggle with the Brewie+ because it leaves you on your own for the second half of brewing, but practiced home brewers might find a lot of charm in the fully customizable automation of this big, beer-making machine. 

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