Haunted house

Lego's Haunted House set will debut this September as part of the toymaker's Monster Fighters line. It will cost $180 and feature 2,064 pieces. It is aimed at those 14 and up.
Photo by: Lego


The Lego Haunted House set features six creepy minifigures -- two glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Lord Vampyre and his bride, Monster, and Zombie, chef, and butler.
Photo by: Lego

Haunted house interior

The haunted house has a hidden staircase and attic gramophone, as well as spider webs and broken floorboards.
Photo by: Lego

Haunted house with minifigures

A look at the Lego Haunted House and the minifigures that go with it.
Photo by: Lego

The box

The Lego Haunted House set packaging. The set will go on sale in September.
Photo by: Lego


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