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Taking off

Bombardier's new CSeries jet made its first flight on Monday, taking off from Montreal’s Mirabel Airport for a two-and-a-half-hour journey.

The jet is primed to take on a slew of regional aircraft, such as Mitsubishi’s Regional Jet; Irkut’s MC-21; and Embraer’s new E-jet E2 series, all of which are flying with Pratt & Whitney's new PurePower PW1000 engines. The plane can also compete with Airbus' A320 and Boeing's 737.

Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive

Front view of takeoff

The very first Bombardier CSeries to take air was this CS100, which can seat between 108 and 125 passengers.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive


Bombardier's test pilots flew the CS100 low over the Mirabel Airport crowd gathered to see the first flight.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive


The total cost so far of the CSeries program is about $3.5 billion, according to Airchive. By the time of the first flight, airlines had ordered a combined total of 177 108- to 125-seat CS100s, and 130- to 160-seat CS300s.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive

Pilots waving

The test pilots wave to the gathered crowd after the completion of the first flight.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive

Models with livery

Scale models of the CSeries planes showcase some of the airlines that will fly the new jets.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive

Pratt & Whitney PW1000

Like many of the plane's competitors, the CSeries will fly with Pratt & Whitney PW1000 engines, known as "PurePower." Specifically, the plane is using the PW1524G.
Photo by: Howard Slutsken / Airchive

Ground testing the PW1524G

During ground tests, Pratt & Whitney put the PW1524G engine through its paces prior to being used to fly the Bombardier CSeries.
Photo by: Pratt & Whitney


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