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"I see a red DSi, and I want a Wii painted black."

Everything you've heard is true: CNET UK can bastardise song lyrics, Scientologists can get banned from editing Wikipedia, and Nintendo can Mario Paint its consoles like it's going out of fashion.

The black Wii, complete with black Wiimote, is the latest suckling to prise its way out of Nintendo's golden birth canal. But a swift bullet train to Tokyo will be in order if you want to adopt one of these yourself, as they're Japan-only until further notice.

And lo, "There are no current plans for Europe," Alex Coby from CNET UK sister's site GameSpot UK says Nintendo told him this morning.

DSi handhelds of various colours have also been announced. They'll be available in Japan on 11 July according to Joystiq, while the reskinned Wii continues to gestate just a little longer until seeing the light of day on 1 August.

A few pics of the new DSi models are overleaf, and all our E3 coverage right from the show floor is here.

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The DSi in vomit green. Note: probably not its Dulux name.

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A slightly classier royal purple. Her Majesty the Queen will be getting one of these on the next visit of the Japanese ambassador. Loves a spot of heroin dealing in GTA: Chinatown Wars, does her maj.

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In crimson, for fans of Ferrari, Liverpool FC and vicious blood-letting. Or all three.

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