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What we watch with an Echo: 'House of Cards'

When an Echo is paired with a Logitech Harmony Hub, the device can control your television. 

The Echo can take commands to skip forward or back, which can come in handy during those twisty-turny moments in "House of Cards" that leave you super-confused and in need of clarification.

The command may also prove helpful during the show's neverending intro. D.C.'s pretty and all, but we're on season 5. We've heard this music enough.

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What we don't watch with Alexa: 'Castle'

Some users have reported that Echo speakers set to "Alexa" respond when a character in a show has a similar name, like Alexis. 

That rules out "Castle." Every time the lead character says his daughter's name, your device might decide to start talking back, and you might just miss finding out whodunit.

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What we watch with Google Home: 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'

It's been a decade, but Rory and Lorelai are talking just as fast as before. We definitely dig that you can ask Google Home to turn the subtitles on so that we don't miss a second of witty banter. 

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What we watch with an Echo: 'This Is Us'

I'm not crying, you're crying. OK, we're both crying.

For those tear-inducing moments on "This Is Us," when you can barely see your screen anymore, you can ask your Echo to pause the show. That way, you won't miss a thing as you sob. 

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What we don't watch with Alexa: 'Schitt's Creek'

Is one of Alexis' many suitors calling her name? Alexa might just think she's being summoned and disrupt a particularly funny line.

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What we watch with an Echo: 'Game of Thrones'

Daenerys and Tyrion were whispering two seconds ago, but suddenly a battle has broken out, and it's so loud, you're worried your neighbors are going to complain. No worries. The Echo takes verbal volume commands.

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What we watch with an Echo: 'Modern Family'

That volume function could also prove helpful during "Modern Family." Gloria screaming Jay's name was once endearing. Eight seasons in, it's grating.

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What we don't watch with Alexa: 'Dynasty'

"Dynasty's" Alexis is saying something snarky? You might miss it if someone on the show says her name, summoning Alexa. 

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What we don't watch with Google Home: 'Parts Unknown'

Google Home can't take requests for specific episodes, and some instalments of this show are better than others. So if you really just want to see the famous Hanoi edition of "Parts Unknown," you're going to have to find it yourself.

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What we don't watch with an Echo set to wake word 'Computer': Star Trek

To be clear, you can change the Echo's wake word to "Echo," "Amazon" or "Computer," and that last option excites trekkies immensely.

But when said-trekkies have then tried to partake in watching their favorite show, well, of course the Echo will be summoned whenever one of the characters says, "Computer."
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What we don't watch with Google Home: Anything not on Netflix

Google Home only plays Netflix shows for now. 

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What we watch with an Echo: 'The Chew'

You're trying to cook along with the crazy characters on "The Chew," but you don't quite have Mario Batali's culinary skills (yet), and he's rattling off ingredients too fast. 

Have no fear; Echo's here to pause your favorite cooking shows and restart them once you're done whipping that cream. How do they do that so quickly on television? 

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What we watch with Siri: Anything

Siri won't mistakenly think you're speaking to her unless you push down your phone's activation button or say the word "hey" first. So you're free to watch "The Today Show," which often features Carson Daly's wife, Siri, in cooking segments. The "heys" are rare, if they happen at all.

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What we don't watch with Alexa: 'General Hospital'

Soaps are hard enough to follow as it is. You might get interrupted if someone is gossiping about "General Hospital's" character Alexis, played by Nancy Lee Grahn.

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What we watch with Google Home: 'Master of None'

Did you miss that hilarious line Aziz Ansari just delivered? Probably. He talks amazingly fast. Google Home will skip back for you. 

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What we watch with Google Home: 'Love'

Do you love "Love," but your partner can't stand the show? Google Home will pick up where you left off, so when your partner begs you to turn to something else -- anything else -- it won't feel like a sacrifice. 

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What we watch with Google Home: 'Fuller House'

Same goes for "Fuller House." We get it, it's nostalgic. But it's not for everyone. 

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What we watch with Siri: Anything when we're stumped

Yes, Siri works with Apple TV and can pause, fast-forward and can even tell you who stars in a particular show.

But her best feature? Siri can recommend a comedy ("Show me some funny indie movies") or any movie, even if you're not sure what it's called. Try, "Find the movie starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable."

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