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iWedding Deluxe — The Wedding Planner

Feeling inspired by the pending royal nuptials? Here's a collection of apps that will help you plan for your very own hitchin' day.


iWedding Deluxe acts as an all-purpose wedding planner, with a bunch of features that will ensure your phone doesn't leave your side for the entire planning process. To-do lists, guest lists, seating plans, budget planner, menu planners, business listings ... whatever is involved, iWedding Deluxe tries to make provision for it.

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Dress the Royals — Wedding Edition


The Royal Wedding is a massive brouhaha, with newsstands and television screens becoming oversaturated with the faces of William and Kate. Get some catharsis in the form of Dress the Royals — Wedding Edition by dressing the entire party in absurd moustaches and Scuba outfits.

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iBridal Gown


Everything you need to shop for the perfect wedding dress is here. You can snap photos of styles you like, make notes and consult a glossary of bridal dress terms, such as dress shapes, necklines and fabrics, to design your very own dress.

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Bride Guide


Coming in at half the price of iWedding Deluxe is Bride Guide, another planner for the Big Day. This one includes the ubiquitous to-do list with pre-populated items (and the ability to add more), a countdown to the date, a budget calculator and a contacts list. See also: Groom Guide.

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Fun Wedding


Fun Wedding is at its core a music playlist, but with a wedding twist; it will show you lists of song requests made at actual wedding receptions around the world. It also includes top 200 and top 100 most-requested lists from the 1950s right through to 2010.

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Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Finder


Whether or not you are purchasing your engagement ring from Tiffany & Co, this free ring-finder is a handy guide to the diamond ring, with sizing information, carat weights and diamond cuts and shapes.

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Don't be dismayed by the Spanish language on the iTunes page; this app displays in English. Pronovias is a designer of couture bridal gowns, but even if you don't like the dresses this free app also throws in a wedding budget planner. Add a free to-do list app and planning will be a snap.

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Wedding Ideas


Don't want a big fussy day, on a tight budget or stuck for ideas? Wedding Ideas allows you to add wedding blogs via RSS to read about what other couples are doing for inspiration on how to personalise your own wedding day.

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How to Tie a Tie


The Windsor tie knot is a bit bog-standard; perhaps something a bit fancier is in order for, er, tying the knot. There are 12 step-by-step illustrated tie knots in this free app for a subtle but distinguished look to complement your natty wedding suit.

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Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan


Even a busy bride-to-be needs to relax. Dream Day Wedding is a simple and diverting puzzle and hidden object game, themed around weddings, for some much-needed time-out.

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