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Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)

Consider it an upgrade from your last spiral notebook. If you're going on to more schooling, the Samsung Galaxy Note will provide you with that extra screen real estate for note taking. Just don't blame us if all that ends up being drawn are doodles.

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Samsung Rugby Smart (AT&T)

If you're that active grad who made it into varsity or just second-string, the Samsung Rugby Smart can take whatever you throw at it. Splash, dust, and shockproof, this device will keep on ticking right along with your tough lifestyle.

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Motorola MotoActv watch

Speaking of being active, the Motorola MotoActv GPS fitness tracker and music player is the best workout buddy. Perfect for finally ridding oneself of the dreaded Freshman 15, it'll track your progress, play your favorite beats, and keep you motivated.

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Nokia Lumia 900 (AT&T)

We understand, you probably have some loans to pay back. Not only is the Nokia Lumia 900 is priced reasonably enough that you'll have some cash left over, but it's also a statement piece--perfect for when you want to make an impression in any situation.

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Pantech Burst (AT&T)

If you still want to pay even less than $100, consider the Pantech Burst. It's only half the cost and is capable of 4G LTE. The handset is packed with a bunch of other high-end specs, so you'll be sure to stay ahead of the class.

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LG Viper (Sprint)

Whether you majored in environmental studies or joined your campus' recycle club, the LG Viper is as environmentally conscious as you. Certified Platinum by UL for fulfilling the highest level of sustainability requirements, and made out of 50 percent recycled plastics, this device can go green, too.

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