All the cool and crazy new toys coming in 2017

These toys and games being shown off at New York Toy Fair 2017 are competing for your attention.

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We braved the migraine-inducing floor of the New York Toy Fair to find out what's going to be hot in toyland this year.

First up: The new night vision goggles from Spy Gear actually include real night vision, and will be out this fall.

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Zoomer's Show Pony robot comes with four accessories, will make noises as well as physically respond when you brush her mane or feed her.

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After a lengthy hibernation, Teddy Ruxpin is back. The beloved storytime bear from the '80s has been given a modern tech make-over, with animated LCD screen eyes and touch sensors in his paws. He sounds exactly the same after 30 years, with the original voice recordings and stories. But instead of stories on cassette tapes, everything is digital and downloadable. He comes out this fall for $100.

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This Donald Trump bobblehead is part of the Royal Bobbles Presidential Line.

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XYZ Printing has just announced the first consumer 3D Printer to let you mix different colored filaments as you print, resulting in ombre color shading in your objects. The 2.0 Mix will retail at $449 in the US (roughly £360 and AU$585).

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The Hero Droid BB-8, created by Spin Master, is a realistic RC-controlled version of the beloved Star Wars character. Measuring at 16-inches tall (well, 19 inches if you count the antenna), this droid responds to voice commands and reacts when you mention different movie characters. He rolls into stores this fall for $229.99

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The miniature Retro Arcade Machine from My Arcade comes with 300 video games preloaded.

All the things we saw at Toy Fair
All the things we saw at Toy Fair
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The more you play with Luvabella, a robotic baby doll, the more she learns. Out of the box, she's nothing but baby babble. But over time, she begins to learn words. Luvabella comes in three models: blonde, brunette and African-American. The doll will be priced at $99.99 (roughly £80 and AU$130) when it comes out this fall.

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Reality Room is a multiplayer augmented reality game you can play with your phones in the headsets that come with hand controllers.

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The Lightseekers mobile game layers together smart action figures, augmented reality and collectable cards. The action figures themselves are also the game controller. Starter packs with one action figure cost $70. But unlike Skylanders, instead of collecting multiple mini figurines, the idea is to build up one character with different accessories.

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Choo Choo Shoes make train noises and have blinking lights triggered by your child's motions and the soles make railroad track prints in the dirt. They'll be out this summer for about $40 (roughly £30 and AU$50).

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PixPlay lets you put your old phone to use as a camera toy for your child. The shutter button of any phone that fits in the case is connected via a headphone adapter and an app loaded on the phone lets your child play with their photos with simple editing.

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This vintage looking astronaut helmet is one of the few products at Toy Fair that wasn't branded with pop culture characters (unless you count the NASA logo).

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The Ponycycle comes in different sizes and moves on wheeled feet as you move the pedals up and down with your legs, making it look as if you're riding a pony.

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This Jet Engine Kit from Perisphere & Trylon is a fully functional educational model. Their line of engine kits is designed to put engineering concepts front and center.

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Sbyke's powered scooter can go 18 mph and takes 3 hrs to charge for about an 18 mile range. It'll be out in June for $599 (roughly £480, AU$780).

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Turning a corner and seeing a giant dragon never gets old.

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The Meccaspider is a robot kit you can build and program to move around and shoot water with the accompanying app. It's modifiable and Bluetooth enabled.

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Add the Neon Hover Cart accessory to any hoverboard and you'll be enjoying a whole new style of locomotion. Coming this summer at $99 (roughly £80, AU$130).

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The Feel Flux set is a playful new toy from Belgium. Toss a highly magnetic ball through the cylindrical companion piece and it seems to magically slow down before it falls out the other side. Get the Skill Set at $79 (roughly £60, AU$100) with two of the cylinders and you can toss the ball back and forth with graceful tricky motions. YouTube stardom is just some practice away.

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Helio is an educational nightlight that comes with five starter discs with information that gets projected on the ceiling to give your child something interesting to focus on as they get into bedtime mode.

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These "Star Trek" figurines are incredibly detailed. (Disclosure: "Star Trek" and CNET are both CBS properties.)

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Jimu's new Astrobot kit lets kids build multiple robotic toys.

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Hexbug's BattleBots are miniature models of real bots that have competed on the show.

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Mezcp's booth featured all sorts of figurines.

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Meccano M.A.X is a kit robot you can build and program with an accompanying app via Bluetooth. He talks as well as learns information as you talk with him, and will react when his sensor catches movement close by, saying "What was that?!". The bot will wait to hear your answer.

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Miniatures weren't the only figurines we saw on display at the Toy Fair. There were selfie opportunities everywhere.

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These BattleBots have protective foam and are designed to be fought so they can be put back together when they come apart after a crash.

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Mac Makerson showed off an array of educational Maker Kits.

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The Actev Motors Arrow smart electric go-kart is for kids who want an upgrade from the Power Wheels, but it has the high-tech safety features to keep parents at ease. Available now starting at around $1,000, this comes with GPS and Wi-Fi for geofencing, and sensors for collision detection.

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If your toddler needs the latest Mercedes SUV convertable, well, here it is from Moderno Kids.

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Moonlite is an accessory for your phone that projects bedtime stories for your child.

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Circuit Cubes has three kits that allow you to build their projects or make your own with these Lego-compatable pieces.

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The Play 700 Kit is Robotis Ollobot's latest set that allows you to build and program multiple characters.

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Balloon Warriors is like laser tag, but with balloons.

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Nightball is introducing an inflatable lit-from-within soccer ball, so you can keep your game going after dark.

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This 710 Kobra robot can climb stairs and handle most terrain. It's said to be based on a design used by the Defense Department.

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IQ Key's Green Solar Kit is a new system for kids to learn and excercise creativity as they bring solar power to their projects.

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Razor's RSF 350 (shown here in the Spider-Man edition) will move at up to 14 mph and can run for 30 minutes on a charge.

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Razor's new powered skateboards include the Longboard and Cruiser models, seen here. They move up to 10 mph and run for 40 minutes of continuous use. They come with a remote control you hold in your hand as you ride.

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This powered scooter called the Razor X will be $199 (roughly £160, AU$260) and is fairly compact when folded. It can travel at 10 mph for up to 45 minutes of continuous use on it's lithium ion battery. This model is for a child, but an adult commuter model may be in the works.

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Thumbchucks are a pair of light-up balls connected with a string that you can swing around and play tricks with.

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Beatmoovz are wristbands that make music as you dance. The bands can be worn on your wrists or ankles and come with an app full of sounds to select from, or record your own. As you snap your wrists in a percussive fashion, the app will play the sounds you have selected creating a physical beatbox effect.

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Rastar's new Ferrari will have your little one driving in style.

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These X-shot Bubble balls from Zuru will let your kids get the rough-housing out of their system without hurting one another.

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The newest Hatchimals are sparkly. These glitter models will delight fans of the line.

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The Trumpism Randomizer Mask, made by Redwood Ventures, has voice recognition technology to detect when certain specific Trump keywords are said, such as "China," "deal," "wall," or "bigly." Once detected, it then responds with a random mashup of Trump-like statements recorded by an impersonator. It hopes to make Halloween masks great again, priced at around $30.

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