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Amazon Basics Leather Folio

This Amazon-branded case is straightforward and well-designed. Cost: $25.

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CaseCrown Bold Standby Case

We're showing this CaseCrown in purple but it comes in several other colors. If you want to spend less than $25 for a case, this is worth considering along with a few other similarly styled "bargain" cases in this roundup.

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Case-Mate Kindle Fire Tuxedo

The Tuxedo ($40) is a slim folio case that's equipped with built-in and reusable MagicTape, "a double-sided adhesive that doesn't leave residue and never loses its grip." Available in black or brown, this one's cover folds up into a stand and also includes smart magnets that "put the Fire to sleep while not in use and awaken it upon opening."

We really like how thin and lightweight the Tuxedo is (it looks good, too). However, it doesn't prop up the Fire as well as Apple's Smart Cover does and it's fairly pricey at $40.

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Case-Mate Kindle Fire Venture

The Case-Mate Venture is currently one of our top two or three favorite Fire cases. It's relatively thin, well-designed, and allows you to prop up your Kindle up at a few different angles. Only drawback: it's expensive at $50.

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Deft Dante 360

This is Deft Devicewear's take on the rotating cover/stand. The one we're showing comes in soft leather for $29.95, but the company also offers less expensive versions (and different colors) in faux leather, some for as low as $20.95.

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Dodocase for Kindle Fire

Want to bind your Kindle Fire into a book?

Dodocase, the maker of popular book-style cases for tablets and e-readers, sells Dodocase for Kindle Fire, and it's a good one.

I parked our Kindle Fire review sample in the case for a few days and it fits really nicely inside the bamboo "tray" (rubberized corners hold the device in place) and the case is thin yet protective.

The case is designed to fold back to be used as a stand. Indeed, it does, though it slides on smooth surfaces like a Formica desk or a counter and is unable to maintain its easel position. However, it props up on your chest in bed just fine, as well as on anything with a little texture.

Dodcase says its one-piece bamboo tray, carved in San Francisco, "perfectly matches the curvature of your Kindle Fire while providing access to all buttons and ports." And for those who are concerned about the Fire's speakers being covered up, the company adds that the design includes "sound channels to direct audio from the speakers." I can confirm the sound came out fine.

Dodocases don't come cheap and this one retails for $44.95. While it's only available in black, you do get a choice of interior colors.
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iLuv Portfolio Stand for Kindle Fire

iLuv's Portfolio Stand for Kindle Fire is a nice, trim case that fits snugly and turns into a stand by unhitching the Fire from the bottom of the case. It's a design we've seen before with the iPad and works better than you'd think.

Drawbacks: this one isn't made of leather (it is very good faux leather, however) and it's fairly expensive at $49.99, though it can be had online for less than $40.

iLuv makes several accessories for the Fire, including a screen cover and other cases, but the Portfolio Stand gets the highlight image and the stamp of approval. We just wish it cost a bit less.

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Marware Kindle Fire MicroShell Folio Cover

Marware makes several cases for the Kindle Fire and we're highlighting the MicroShell Folio, which is among the most affordable of the bunch at $30 and is fairly distinct-looking (you'd expect Speck to make something like this).

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M-Edge Incline Jacket

I used this case for a week with the Fire and liked it. It looks attractive, has nice leather, and has a built-in magnet to keep the cover closed. A worthy contender, the Incline Jacket costs $40 and comes in multiple colors.

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M-Edge Trench Runner

I originally had M-Edge's Hampton Jacket in this slot, but prefer the look of the newer Trench Runner, which converts into a stand like M-Edge's other Kindle Fire cases.

Price: $39.99

See pricing for the M-Edge Trench Runner.
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Monoprice Folio Cover

Monoprice sells a couple of cases for the Kindle Fire and it's hard to beat the price of the simple Folio Cover, which can be had for around $10 shipped. If you want a model that has a built-in stand feature, there's the step-up Duo Case and Stand that costs around $15.

Price: $7.63

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RooCase Dual-View Case

The $25 RooCase is another one of those swiveling "axis" cases that allows you to prop up your Fire vertically or horizontally.

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Poetic 360 Rotating Case

Another inexpensive case that can be had for right around $15 shipped (if you don't have to pay tax, it's even cheaper). This one is an "axis" case that swivels to allow you to stand the Kindle Fire in a horizontal or vertical position. Available in multiple colors.

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Snugg Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand

Snugg's fairly reasonably priced ($29.99) leather case has a built-in hand strap and converts into a stand.

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Speck FitFolio for Kindle Fire

Speck's FitFolio is one of our favorite iPad and e-reader cases, and now it's available for the Kindle Fire. What's nice about it is that the device fits securely in the form-fit hard shell case, and your screen is protected by a "vegan" leatherette book-style cover that folds back and converts into a stand (yes, vegan leather means faux leather). A small bungee cord keeps the cover closed.

This one comes in black, red, and teal for $34.95. Speck also makes the $29.95 BookWrap (it does not convert into a stand) and soon-to-be-released WanderFolio for Kindle Fire, which is similar to the FitFolio but incorporates some hideaway pockets for "cards, cash, and more" in the cover.

See pricing for the Speck FitFolio for Kindle Fire from
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Splash Safari

The Splash Safari's claim to fame is that it only costs about $16 shipped. Can't go too wrong there.

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Splash Signature Folio Leather

This simple, elegant case costs an affordable $25 and comes in multiple colors.

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STM Skinny for Kindle Fire

We like STM's Skinny case for the new iPad and now a smaller version is available for the Kindle Fire. It's a lightweight but protective case that has a fabric-covered polycarbonate rear shell, microsuede on the inside, and a front cover that's also covered in fabric.

The clasp keeps the cover closed and also helps convert the case into a stable two-position stand. It's available in black or red.

Price: $30

Click here for more details on STM Skinny.
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Timbuk2 Professor Jacket

We're fans of Timbuk2's laptop cases and bags, and if you're looking for a funkier case, the Timbuk2 Professor comes in a few color schemes and retails for about $45.

See pricing for the Timbuk2 Professor Jacket from

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Us+U Swivel ProFolio for Kindle Fire

Us+U bills its Swivel ProFolio as "a revolutionary case for Kindle Fire case that features effortless 360-degree rotation and multiple freestanding viewing angles for your Kindle Fire." I'm not sure the revolutionary part is really true, for there are other cases in this roundup that offer 360-degree rotation, but what makes the Swivel ProFolio more unique is the built-in handstrap that allows you to rotate the case -- and your Kindle Fire -- in your hand. This itself is pretty protective and very functional works as advertized, but the only downside is that I thought the faux leather material could have been a little better, particularly considering the high list price of $49.99 (it really should be $29.99 at most).

Price: $49.99

Click here for more details on Us+U Swivel ProFolio .
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