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River Song's Diary Kindle leather cover

Picking up a new e-reader this season? Don't you want to clad it in something classy? Check out some of our favourite geek-themed cases.

All the cases on this list will fit a variety of e-readers, so don't feel excluded if you're not of Clan Kindle, either.


What better way to kick off a new season of Doctor Who than with a TARDIS-diary-themed e-reader cover? There are actually a variety of these available, and in all sorts of materials — felt, knitted yarn or wood — but our favourite would have to be this hand-tooled leather version, rubbed with blue dye to give it an aged look. Maker Joe V Leather will custom make it to your e-reader's size specifications, and it's lined with suede to keep your precious device safe.

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Neverending Story e-reader cover


The Neverending Story is a beloved childhood classic, but we did always feel a bit as though that the title was false advertising. The beauty of e-readers, of course, is that the stories are, in fact, never-ending. So this cover, made from leather and featuring a brass AURYN on the front, seems particularly apropos. Four elastic straps in the suede interior can fit a variety of different e-readers — the maker just asks that you specify which model of e-reader you have, for the best fit.

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E-reader case made from a book


We're not sure that we entirely approve of the idea of gutting a book, but it's hard to deny that these e-reader cases look classy as. They measure various sizes, but the elastic-strap system is in play, and for the best fit, once again, it helps to provide details of your e-reader model to the maker. We particularly like that there's a little fabric pocket in the front of each one — and that you can pretend you're reading something intellectual, even when you're, well, not. Check out the rest of the available designs in the Chick-Lit Designs Etsy store.

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Ewok Kindle cozy


We love this adorable, fuzzy-wuzzy, cuddly Ewok. Don't you just want to eat him up? No. We don't either, really. It's made of eco-friendly felt, and it's more of a sleeve that you store your e-reader in when you're not using it, than a case you can keep it in at all times. The seller has only mentioned Kindles, but we're sure that if you emailed your dimensions, they'd be open to making it to size for another e-reader. Also, check out the rest of the store — there's a pretty sweet Chewbacca iPhone sleeve available, too.

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Totoro Kindle case


Studio Ghibli has come far since the days of My Neighbour Totoro, but the heart-warming tale about the giant, furry ... thing ... guy is still a favourite. Rabbit Dream has an adorable Kindle sleeve in faux leather, but unfortunately, they're not made to order, so make sure you check the dimensions of your device before investing.

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Question Block e-reader cover


Now this — this is the pièce de résistance. Handcrafted from leather, it could contain anything. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. You get the idea. It's by the same maker who created the Neverending Story cover, so once again, it can be custom-sized — and we absolutely love it.

Have you found a particularly brilliant e-reader case that you'd love to share? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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