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Maingear F131

Serious gamers need serious hardware to get the best, fastest performance possible. If you're shopping for a new rig for yourself or the gamer in your life, start here.

Maingear's F131 starts at $1,478, but our $2,999 review unit turned in some of the best PC gaming performance to date. Not only is it fast, but you can put the system almost anywhere thanks to its slim, eye-catching case design.

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Razer Blade

The new second-generation revision to the Razer Blade has the same experimental touch-screen Switchblade UI touch pad, but a vastly better set of specs under the hood, as well as a lower price.

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Origin Chronos

You can choose from a few different chassis for the Chronos gaming desktop, but Origin impressed us by picking the smallest option, and turning it into one of the fastest gaming PCs available under $1,500.

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Digital Storm x17

The Digital Storm x17 isn't the prettiest machine on the block, but this $1,999 configuration performs great and is definitely less expensive than comparable builds from other boutique PC makers.

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Maingear Nomad 17

In a sea of ultrabooks and hybrids, the Nomad 17 is a good old traditional 17-inch gaming laptop. Decently outfitted, it's a sizable investment from one of the only boutique PC companies that really comes through on reliability, support, and flexibility.

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