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Happy Monday deals on great products

40-inch TCL Roku TV $299 at Amazon

Roku 3 for $75 at Best Buy

Roku Stick for $39

Roku SE for $25

Amazon Fire TV for $75 at Amazon

Nvidia Shield for $149

Vizio E65x-C2 for $749 at Sam's Club

Samsung UN65JU7100 for $1,700 at Amazon, Best Buy

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It's Cyber Monday, and plenty of bargains are still available on the TVs and streaming media devices to keep us entertained throughout the holiday season. But not every cheap TV or streamer is worth buying. Here are some of the best deals on the products we actually recommend.

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Yes, we really like Roku TVs by TCL and other makers, and this is a great price for an excellent bedroom-sized TV. It's available at Amazon.

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Our top overall pick among streamers is the Roku 3. It's $25 off at Best Buy today with free shipping.

That's actually $1 more than the $70 (+$4 shipping) deal at Groupon, and a bit more expensive the $79 at, Amazon and elsewhere.

Our favorite overall streamer for the money, the $70 Roku 2, isn't on sale anywhere we've seen.

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Our favorite streaming stick is still the Roku, and this price is pretty great. It's available at, Best Buy and Amazon, among others.

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The only reason we're including the $25 Roku SE here is for people whose TVs lack HDMI inputs. Its red, white and yellow analog outputs are just the ticket. It's available at numerous outlets including, Best Buy and Amazon.

If you do have HDMI on your TV, get the faster Roku Streaming Stick, the even faster Roku 2 or the voice-search capable Roku 3 box.

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If you're looking for the least-expensive way to feed your 4K TV this holiday season, and you're unsatisfied with its built-in apps, a discounted Fire TV might float your boat.

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It's not for everyone, but geeks who want cutting-edge hardware will appreciate this deal: A 16GB Nvidia Shield Android TV box for $50 off, with a free remote control (a $50 value). It also includes one game controller.

Heavy gamers may also appreciate the same discount on the 500GB Shield Pro, bringing it down to $249, again with the free remote and included game controller.

It's available at, Amazon, NCIX and Newegg.

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Looking for more great TV deals? The truth is we haven't found many super-low prices on TV's we'd actually recommend (aside from Roku models). The deepest discount on a good TV we've seen for Cyber Monday is this 65-inch Vizio, an already excellent bargain, at Sam's Club.

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This price has actually been available for more than a week, but it is the lowest of the year on the highest-rated non-Vizio (non-OLED) 4K TV we've reviewed. Yes, we like the cheaper Vizio M series better overall, but it's not discounted today as far as we've seen.

None of the other 4K Cyber Monday TV deals we've seen are worthy enough to include here, but if we see anything good we'll update this list.

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