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Before you get started, here's everything you need to know about using stickers in Messages.

Productivity app Streaks helps you stay focused and develop healthy habits by allowing you to track daily tasks, and by giving you "streaks" for how many days in a row you can perform them (much like Duolingo). Its new update has added support for Apple Watch OS3, as well as stickers so you can share your progress with your friends.

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Crossy Road

It's everyone's favourite roadkill game! Disney Crossy Road didn't spell the end for the original, in fact far from it -- and if you want these awesome animated stickers, the original Crossy Road is the only place to get 'em.

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Steppy Pants

In the grand Aussie tradition of Verby Nouns, Steppy Pants is based on the premise of avoiding stepping on sidewalk cracks. You have to tap to walk your ragdoll down the street without stepping over the edges of the flagstones. And the new stickers' functionality is great -- you can make your own animated stickers from the characters you've unlocked.

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Rodeo Stampede

Arcade game Rodeo Stampede sees you using a lasso to tame a variety of ever more interesting animals. It's as catchy as hell, which is good news for sticker lovers, since you can only unlock the stickers by playing the game.

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If you haven't played Duet by Kumobius, you need to do so; it's one of the most fun and difficult arcade games on the app store (with a killer soundtrack). If you have, these stickers will help you relive the glory -- and the pain.

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Qantas Stickers

Because all you ever wanted in life was a Messages sticker set themed after Australia's flagship airline.

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Cricket Stickers

Cricket season is right around the corner. Share all the highs, the lows and the mullygrubbers with your cricket-loving mates with this set of Cricket Stickers from our official cricket organisation.

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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has been at the vanguard of mobile gaming for years, and stickers are no exception. This set features a Sensei for all seasons, and then some extra.

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Jetpack Joyride

And, of course, Halfbrick's other top title is in on the action, too, with a sticker set featuring Jetpack Joyride's Barry (or Bazza, as we like to call him).

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Thumb Drift

The best sticker from SMG Studio's Thumb Drift set has to be the spoiler alert one. It's worth it for that alone.

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Ski Safari 2

We don't get a lot of snow here down under, so we need to live vicariously through Ski Safari 2. Because that's exactly how it would happen in the real world, yetis and all. We're Australian, we can't do snow without some kind of dangerous non-human-thing.

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This one gets an honorary mention. It wasn't made in Australia, but by an Aussie expat living in San Francisco, probably homesick for our delightful cuisine. The iTucker sticker set warms the cockles of our fairy bread-loving, Vegemite-smeared hearts. Moreover, there's nary an avocado smash in sight -- although a flat white wouldn't have gone astray, eh.

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