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GE and Keurig Beverage Center

Pop-out drawer

Coffee? Tea?

Smoothies, too

Just a prototype

GE and Keurig teamed up to build an appliance prototype that seeks to whip up just about any beverage you can think of. Click through to take a look.

Caption by / Photo by GE

Here it is, the GE and Keurig Beverage Centerconcept appliance. As you can see, you'll need to install it directly into your kitchen wall.

Caption by / Photo by GE

With a tap, this little drawer pops out for your coffee pods.

Caption by / Photo by GE

It accepts Keurig Kold soda pods, too, in case you're thirsting for something bubbly.

Caption by / Photo by GE

Heck, there's also a built-in mixer for smoothies.

Caption by / Photo by GE

It doesn't look like a terribly high-powered blender, but it should be enough for a quick Bahama Mama.

Caption by / Photo by GE

Again, this crazy contraption is just a prototype in GE's test lab at this point, and one that may very well never see the light of day. Even if it does, it'll probably cost thousands of dollars. Still, admit it: you want this thing to be real.

Caption by / Photo by GE
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