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Aerelight OLED desk lamp


OLED specs

Capacitive build

Wireless phone charging

Price point

There's reason to believe OLEDs will play a big role in the future of home lighting, and Aerelight, a design studio based out of Toronto, wants to get ahead of the curve with its new OLED desk lamp. Click through for a closer look at this luxury light.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight

The Aerelight isn't terribly big, with a thin, anodized aluminum build that comes in one of three colors.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight

As for the OLED, it's 10cm and just 0.2mm thick. With a maximum power draw of 7 watts, it gives off a light output of 1,000 lux at a color temperature of 2,900 K, and promises to last over 20 years.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight

The aluminum body is also entirely capacitive. Tap it anywhere to turn the light on, or tap and hold to dim up and down.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight

On top of that, the base of the Aerelight acts as a wireless phone charger. It's directly compatible with phones like the Nokia Lumia 930 and the Google Nexus 5 -- if you're using an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy device, you'll need to get a special case for your phone.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight

The Aerelight is expected to make its debut in early 2015, and is available for preorder now at a price of $240, which converts to slightly less than £150 in the UK. You'll also need to tack on another $20 for shipping in the US, or £30 for shipping to the UK. Unfortunately, the Aerelight is not expected to ship to Australia.

Caption by / Photo by Aerelight
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